Letter to Church

I think there's a great misunderstanding in world religions,
We are called to deny God's orders.
God's orders come in the form of emotions, thoughts and physical sensations.
We label some of those emotions and thoughts as malevolent and to some degree its true, these sins appear to be harmful. Seemingly leading to addiction, but it is not constant use that drive addiction, it is the environmental stressors. Still, even if a person does become addicted to self-indulgence, they have infinite amount of time to figure it out, since they are a soul and not a physical body, incarnating multiple times on the physical plane until they learn to live with the desires of the physical body and abide by the physical laws of physics.

However, by repressing desires and thoughts and labelling them as 'non-self'- demonic those desires come to rule our subconscious, flowing into every little action we do, feeding into a latent hatred over people who do indulge in these desires: subconscious desires therefore, block us from truly being Christ-like , which is the supposed goal, of the Church.
I'm going to go forwards saying that we need to sin in order to learn. Just like the prodigal son has had enough with rolling in mud, digressing from his true nature.
We need to accept the fact that sins need to be explored fully in order for us to be desentesized towards them, in order to familiarize ourselves from them and recognize them as a part of the human experience.
We need to get to know sin to such an extent, that the attractive force of it's 'forbidden' nature is utterly and fully diminished. When we do that, we metaphorically, recognize the demon within us,
we see the desire in its entirety, when we have been fully satiated and experienced every inch the desire has given us, we come to terms with it being part of our human nature, we no longer demonize it.
We offer love and sustenance to it, as a part of ourselves and there's nothing more powerful to expell demons, that the power of love, the knowledge of self.
Over time after fully indulging in that sin, we see that it rarely occurs to us and even if it does, we have no complex in bringing up what we have learned and/or re-indulging; It will still have no power over us.
We get free by desentesizing ourselves to the offers of mortal life.
Every inch of my body, every cell and crevice knows the fruits of that sin and therefore, I have overcome it, I have fully submerged myself and learned to float. There is no complex anymore, it's me.
Meanwhile, repressing the self through justifications of 'my religion/friend/family has told me NOT to do that thing' does nothing, the desire will always pop up into our minds, no matter how hard we try,
why? Because we need to experience it, to learn from it. Although demons never intended to do so, they become teachers, much like everything else in this existence, it's all God.
I have tried the path of repression for years, any progress i made was seemingly short-lived. The desires persist, I cannot outrun my own Path.

The difference in the approach of self-repression to self-indulgence is the time it take for insights to take root:
When you use your mind to rule over matter, saying with will, I will not do 'X', the success is immediately there, but, it will not continue to be in the longer term: the desires will continue to pester the person.
When you use your mind to say, my body knows better, let it and me experience what it wants me to experience, the desire is sated and the whole body will know if it was worth it: indulging takes time but once a person sees the fruits of desire, the desire ceases for the long-term, so do all the complexes;
Allowing someone to show compassion and love to another perosn who undergoes a similar lesson in sin.

I think we have forgotten what Faith means: It means following the Divine Orders knowing that they are the best for you, even if YOU believe they are not. We have been indoctrinated in not believing that EVERYTHING HERE IS LITERALLY GOD and therefore have ceased to have faith in God.
We are all guilty of faithlessness aren't we? We do not indulge in all of our desires, sometimes not even the strongest of our desires, but if those desires and thoughts are there, they are there for a reason: for you to learn from them. Follow them and you follow God, once you have eaten all the fruits of 'Sin', nothing will satisfy you. That's when you achieve the final Fruition, enlightenment.

The completion of the wheel of desire, does not come about only through will, observation and preserverence, sensetionalism is of utmost importance because it is above logic; communicated even in the language of our cells. This is how we get free, this is also why the chakra system is associated with the overcoming of certain sins, it all follows a progression, fill those empty spots with your love, prescence and acceptance, since you have understood they are part of the physical 'you', a 'you' that you have to trust that it knows what's best for you.

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  • Thank you, Paisios! You are so right. I read his book a few days ago and it is excellent! It is how I found this community.

    If I could do it all over again, I would be honest with myself. I would trust my heart.

    “loving your self comes first, surrender to the self is of utmost importance and leads to peace... when you are done with fighting your self within and without, you are ready for peace.”

    So very true.
  • Well Katy, nothing seems to gladden the individual more than fulfilling his functions here. :)

    It's all about alligning yourself to The Self.

    Failure to do so is communicated every time you suffer... suffering is lack of love to a part of yourself. So if you still find yourself suffering, ask yourself, what am I not loving about myself. It is worthwhile to remember that the internal and external worlds are of a common root, your heart. If you cannot love your heart in its entirety, you cannot love the world. So, loving your self comes first, surrender to the self is of utmost importance and leads to peace... when you are done with fighting your self within and without, you are ready for peace. Jason has a great book on the topic of surrender too!

  • This was very insightful, thank you. I wish it had been available (and that I had read it) about a year before its publication date.

    For most of 2020, I underwent a kind of “initiation” in exactly what you are talking about, the experience of, and, for me, confusion and denial of some intense emotions. I wish I had had your perspective to draw on back then, especially what you said about God’s orders coming in the form of emotions. As it was, I kind of bumbled through the whole thing having no understanding—at the time—that that WAS the test. I was supposed to trust and believe in my emotions…and I didn’t.

    Most of 2021, after the circumstances of this test went away, I was left wondering “what the heck just happened?” and “what did it all mean?” It gnawed at me. I felt a sense of failure and loss, even though I had made the “proper” choices according to societally-approved behaviors. If I had been “good,” then why did I feel so empty? In 2021, I experienced alcoholism, mostly as a response to this stressor. Alcohol helped to numb the gnawing sense of a “missed opportunity” that I kept feeling. Whether the missed opportunity was a chance to connect with a certain person, or, as I now suspect, was really a chance to “follow God’s orders” and honor my own emotions, I sure did feel it keenly.

    In keeping with the spirit of your article, I can’t help but feel, now, that I could have found peace so much sooner had I just allowed the truth to exist. Allowed my feelings to be what they were. It’s not that I’m not gleaning any lessons at all—I am. It’s just that I’m now seeing that the “good-girl” path I chose has taken sooooo much longer that it might have done otherwise.

    Thank God I’m finally starting to get it. Seeing your article was perfect timing, even if a little too late! Too late for the situation I hinted at above, anyway.

    But, thankfully, not too late for life, in general.
  • wow fascinating subject.  I recently read that when Paul wrote the Ephesians letters. He was warning them about the Archons or the Deimurge. Alot of Paul's writing seem to have gnostic overtones to it.  What fun we can have once we awaken from the dream.  

  • You just reminded me how long it has been since I've taken Communion. I miss it terribly. I understand what you speak of when you say "merges you with the Logos". Thanks for that. :)

  • Indeed Michael, 

    Look at how the Devil is portrayed in the global unconscious, horned, red, tailed. Granted there are good reasons for this imagery, associated with the fear emporium of the planet and the sacrifice of the first borns. 

    But most importantly, the more we go into the ideas and perspectives of the satanists, the more the devil is humanised. We, as devout Christians, have made our 'evil self' as inhuman as possible, not worthy of sympathy, not worhy of consideration, not worthy of praise even for its plan in the scheme of teaching us about the illusions of this world. Of course, the demons would gladly see someone skewered - it is mostly all that some species think about. But there is something to be had out of the experience of the skewering for us, we learn to dissociate from the body and once you do once, it's addicting, it's making you powerful, fearless even. It has certainly made me that, in fight or flight scenarios I have learned to keep my cool about me, because the threat of pain is severly diminished once you go through initial suffering. Through my misfortunes, I was able to become who I am today, although the 'child me' suffered, cried enough tears to drown itself and to an extent it did, I am all the more powerful because of that. My thinking ability comes from being a psychopath for many years of my life. 

    You know why Jesus allowed people to die in his name, because in that way, he unified with them; allowing those people to bring his unconditional love into this world as their reincarnational schooling continues. It's marvelous to behold, you know about the princesses that sing and little birds come over, the divine unconditional love that flows through them, allows them to connect with co-resonating creatures. Martyrs of old have become empaths of today, though they have trouble escaping the matrix of the church, they have achieved a connection to the divine Logos love and that's most admirable.

    We gain from every event that happens to us, but it never appears so at the moment of suffering. Imagine, there are women who underwent the initial suffering of child birth more than five times before even the invention of the Cesarean.  How? The pain fades and is forgotten, enough for us to be willing to go through that rollercoaster again.

    Heads up high dear Michael, if you advance in spirituality, you will likely never belong to any type of institution that has to be dumbed down for the totality. My parents wanted me to tell a priest about my sins, of course, his words were not at all helpful but that's besides the point. I can't speak about the mysteries of the church, but I can tell you this, the Holy Sacrament, merges you with the Logos. It's an odd happiness, transformative, turns a sea into oil. 

    But most of all, as we drink from the blood and flesh of Christ, so shall we be drunk and eaten from by other beings, the catch is, we transform them as Christ has transformed us.  

  • There is a verse, 1 Co 5:5, "turn this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord." that I believe touches on this. Also, 2 Co 12:7-9, I think would be another example, although it touches more on humility, "even because of the extraordinary character of the revelations. Therefore, so that I would not become arrogant, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to trouble me - so that I would not become arrogant. I asked the Lord three times about this, that it would depart from me. But he said to me, 'My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' So then, I will boast most gladly about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may reside in me." Okay, maybe that one is a stretch, but I think of it a lot. Christians don't seem to want to think that God can cause pain, but we need it for growth. Blaming it on Satan just seems to oversimplify. I don't know of any verses that run completely parallel to your thinking, but I think the message is still pretty clear. Great insight, Pai.

  • Yes certainly, but I have limited examples because I'm not too high up on the chakra ladder:


    Just a small note, is that these are simply the major chakras, there are other smaller ones inside and outside the body, the outside of the body chakras are usually associated more strongly with morality and thinking ability. Like there's a chakra to the left and right of the neck, the two sides of the clavicular bone, normally in pop culture we see them as the good angel and bad devil informing the character of the decisions they should make, well that's because that part of the chakra system handles moral justifications. You will find philosophers who dig a hole advancing these chakras and go on to become indecisive, eventually God will let them advance the lower chakras in order to escape the indecisiveness. It's like trying to fill a black hole.

    Now with regards to personal experience, 

    The sacral chakra needing your awareness will manifest a subconscious desire to ejaculate and all the thoughts that come with that, note that this means that the energy running through us will pass by the physical organ associated with said act. I strongly believe and mind you, this is radical, that when you build a good enough connection with the physical organs, any thought carrying the intention of powering up that particular chakra, it will happen automatically and the intensity is just enough to lead to satisfaction without needing to carry the act in full. If you didn't know, the ability to comprehend word relies upon creating a mental scenario within the head which will activate the EXACT neuronal wiring as if that scenario had been physically manifest. 

    If you have no inhibition in carrying out the action, the brain remembers and reinforces the neuronal wiring with the act and essentially can emulate and satisfy it with thought alone. That being said, if you are truly free from something you won't mind that the body will require the physical action every now and then.

    The solar plexus is the energy storehouse, in healing and astral combat, you are supposed to maintain a good connection to this area by being relaxed and bracing - building energy whenever needed. This chakra has other metaphysical implications too, but let's leave it at that. In the physical body the solar plexus is the area of the digestive system, of course, it is associated with energy extraction from foods. When this area is strongly ignored, it will manifest subconsciously as the desire to overeat. Essentially, the neurological connections to the gastrointestinal system are atrophied in most overweight and anorexic people, a symptomology of such is ignorance to bodily cues of satiation. I wasn't anorexic, but I had been maintaining a lean physique all year round which, now that I return to it, has destroyed my inability to feel satiation. 

    There is an additional thing to be said here, the bodies, to my knowledge, usually have a naturally overactive chakra, this is not a bad thing, some people receive their 'vibe checks' via the head, others via the gut. As said, the gut is a good chakra to explore and I'm doing it now, I feel that it is a gestalt and host of multiple different types of information.

    Ultimately one should strive to remember, we are simultaneously living life in multiple dimensions, in different bodies, abiding to different rules of physics and each one receiving different sensational phenomena, the story is the same, but the bodies specialize in processing it in different 'dimensions' .

    We just happen to perceive it from the physical filter.

    I probably will have more to share as I advance. Better ask future Paisios for more


  • Thanks Pai, I'm experiencing responses of the remaining desires that are still part of this human experience in someway. It's interesting when I start using Lumin it brings non-ideal consumption habits to the foreground (also participation in the ABS training brings me to get enough of these habitual "goodies"). I already experienced it in some areas as alcoholism ...where I was paid for organizing and supporting parties and was called for every cool event in the City because of my role in the game. After few years I got tired of alcohol, hangovers and health issues associated with such a lifestyle. I quit. It works. But the need of reaching the point where cancer of the gastrointestinal tract or respiratory system occurs is quite an inattentive way of learning...but probably a sufficient lesson as well for this seemingly linear aspect (perspective) of a human being. 

    What do you exactly mean by "this is also why the chakra system is associated with the overcoming of certain sins"? Can you try to connect each of the main spinal chakras with a sin. It's also coming on my mind while asking but I'd be glad to meet your perspective on this topic. 

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