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"Jampla tells me you are concerned by the approaching storm," the tall one says. "Is this true?" Without awaiting an answer, he and Jampla grin broadly at one another, as if sharing some private amusement. Before I can explain, the tall one lifts a slender hand and points toward the towering clouds.

"So, would you now, if you knew you could, turn away the storm?" I nod. “Yes, of course.” "And how would you go about it?" he asks. "Actually, I’m not aware that such a thing is possible." "It is for some. Here, sit down, I will explain." I sit, as does Jampla. "Now," the tall one says, "where should I begin?” He thinks for a moment. "The prime element is this: The content of your consciousness awareness becomes the content of your experience— is what manifests as your outer reality. The inner manifests as the outer. That is the great understanding. That is the only rule. Consciousness creates everything except consciousness.”

"Energy is simply consciousness objectified. This is a key understanding. All that exists is consciousness; consciousness is the only real. All else is merely an appearance, the result of your particular format of consciousness, that is, subject-object consciousness. You are consciously aware; yet to be aware you must be aware of something; to be aware, you must perceive something other than self, other than your own self. The self is the subjective aspect of consciousness. That of which you are aware is the objective aspect, the objects of your awareness. Yet both subject and object are the very same, they are only perceived as separate and distinct within subject-object consciousness. So, in a practical sense, you could think of energy as the manifestation of a certain stratum of consciousness in this realm of space and time that we call physical reality. However, this is not consciousness as you normally think of it, it is consciousness transformed into an object. You must understand that all being and all existence is consciousness; the highest levels of awareness, the unmanifest energy from which all matter and interactions arise, and all the manifest matter around us. And that embraces, I would point out, that storm."

“…Now, as all that exists is consciousness, we may be certain that consciousness can only be aware of consciousness, on whatever level it exists. Ultimately, all consciousness is precisely the same in that it is of the same source and substance, differing only in its organization, but that may or may not be perceptible depending on the extent of awareness of the perceiver. Matter is energy, and energy is an expression of consciousness, thus all energy is ordered and organized by higher expressions of consciousness than itself. Again, in practical application, you may proceed by thinking of energy and matter as relatively lower expressions of pure consciousness, and of an individualized, organized consciousness as a relatively higher expression, like you or I or Jampla. Hence, our consciousness can command the matter-energy of the storm, as that energy only represents a different form of consciousness."

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