Yesterday I had a very intense meditation where I discovered forgotten "blocks" within my unconscious. It began with sitting and being present and then trying to find symmetry in the body, a gentle dance of finding muscles that don't get used and stimulating them. The scene in the Matrix where Neo's atrophied muscles are being punctured came to mind, along with the thought that just one stimulation of a forgotten muscle, with enough gusto, could instantly bring it back online. The first step of most actions is easy, when we hype things up like speaking publicly or jumping from a high place into water, it never really is as bad as it seems after the fact, but plateaus can come quickly.

I think those plateaus are a place where you can clearly see unconscious blocks. So I'm sitting criss-cross apple sauce, wanting to be more symmetrical instead I put the soles of my feet together, trying to achieve complete symmetry, using my hands, curling toes into locked-in positions, the therapeutic tension of this state showing the block, now, trying to find the lowest abdominal muscle in the torso/hips. Just finding all the different ways the abdomen can be activated. Remembering an exercise taught to me long ago, pressing my hands together above my head, but this time with more variability, bending fingers at the knuckles to create sharper contact points, not overly concerned about intensity, appreciating this new development, another block, feeling the back muscles and the various configurations, now trying to activate as many muscles together at once, while stimulating and finding muscles that have been neglected.

Then I put the soles of my feet on the ground and tried to find the place between sitting and squatting and see if I could get up without hands. Naturally the body extends the knees out, and you lock out, your body waits for your hands to assist you, but I just went back to this position between sitting and squatting. After a few minutes of this, allowing myself to use my hands and try to figure out the best way to rise from this position. Rediscovering the power of the flexed wrist and palm, flexing the triceps and that group of muscles, rising easily, going for a walk after this profound experience.

Diet is critically important for health, but so is this sort of meditation, completely engrossed in enjoying, reawakening and optimizing the body. Muscle tone is really important for health and metabolism.

On that walk, experienced a lot of new things, just appreciating nature more closely, taking routes never taken before, found an interesting book called The Vital Question by Nick Lane, and there was a performance sponsored by Shakti Vinyasa Yoga which was pretty cool.

Anyways, love yourselves everyone

edit: if you can't manage this, try putting a pillow under your belly and just try to flex and feel the muscles and go at your own pace but be a little adventurous. Have fun feeling your muscles

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Comment by Calvin on June 10, 2018 at 6:13pm

Thanks Mary!

Comment by Mary Betts on June 10, 2018 at 5:49pm

I love how you tuned into the subtlety of your body like that and then it transferred over into your awareness of everything. Cool. 


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