It has been quite the journey thus far since getting my Mps which I felt aptly to name Hawgrathorn just feels right. My intuition and connection to my higher selves has been growing by leaps and bounds. I feel a much greater sensitivity to the different layers of this perceived reality, as well as a great sensitivity of peoples underlying intentions just being in there presence. 

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Comment by Trevor on December 29, 2018 at 11:24pm

I have been going through some additional changes, headaches pressure in head, flu like symptoms coming out of nowhere then just disappearing. Electronics responding unusually. finishing random peoples sentences as though I know them really well almost as though I know what they are going to say before they do. The one thing that I have found that actually helps to balance me out is my 7 rays helios alchemy. I have a puramyd which I have named Draconis and an Mps which is named Hawgrathorn. I oftentimes catch glimpses of shifting energy and can feel when someone is carrying negative energy or negative entities. Usually the ones carrying a negative entity upon or in them feel extremely uncomfortable around me. All I know is I am seemingly going through rapid spiritual growth coming in spurts. The time between growth spurts getting shorter as time goes on. I understand and have experimented with moving energy, drawing it into myself and also using it to affect weather, as well as to heal. I don't know if anyone will see what I have said here. I just felt the need to put it here.



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This section is about reading the mastery and Wormhole documents, and putting them into practice.  Please share your insights, practice and experiences.Continue


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in a time long ago, there was a migthy crack whence sprang the legions. their civilizations prospered and spread. over time, curiosity became conquest. much war was brought to our memory, endless…Continue

Gathering in March

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I'd like some feedback on a gathering in March. Let's call it a poll.1.…Continue


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