Since picking up the Merlin Power Stone a couple months ago, I've been having some interesting things going on that I'd like to share. 

As is written on the MPS site, there is a section with a picture of Mary's Stone, and it says that she sleeps with it under her pillow for dream activation. I thought I'd try that myself, and WOW! Not only do these Stones do wonders for my dreams, they are crystal clear, vivid, motion picture like dreams.

Since I was about 18 years old, I have always had vivid dreams, often many in one night, with a variety of Lucid Dreams/OOBES in there as well. I had a really rough year last year that seemed to take a serious toll on me, not only physically, but psychically as well.

I was almost killed in a car crash last August, and that was the least of my problems last year. Around the time all of that drama got started, my dream activity just stopped. I had maybe one Out-of-Body Experience last year, which is highly unusual for me.

Having that Merlin Stone under my pillow at night has not only reactivated my dreams and dream recall, they are more vivid and alive than ever. It is really quite amazing, and I am highly impressed indeed. 

It is also written on the MPS website that they tend to clear blockages and obstacles in one's life, and puts one on their highest path and keeps you there. I have been taking more action in my personal life, in regard to my own personal projects and interests. I have no doubt that the Stone has something to do with it.

The energy of these Stones is really something else, almost out of this World. If you've checked out the site, and are kind of on the edge of the fence about it, just jump the fence already. I know, they aren't exactly cheap, but I have absolutely no regrets.

It's the best purchase I've made in the 15 years I've been on a spiritual path. I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on all kinds of stones, talismans, magical tools, radionics devices, moldavites, etc. All of that stuff is interesting, but they're nothing on the level of a Merlin Power Stone!

-Tyler C.

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Comment by Simon Zee on June 17, 2020 at 1:56am

Wow! That was really beautiful Tyler. I really do appreciate the dream improvement capacity of the MPS. This is because I cherish dream learning and OBEs much knowing it is possible to study a whole course of a discipline in an OBE or dream state.

I will also like to add based on my research around the web on different products in the category of the MPS, l can bet you on all I stand for that the MPS is way too cheap for their performance even though l have not used one before.

In my estimates, the MPS in the hands of others l know would go for about $10,000 or more. I thought to mention such product here for you to verify but saw that it will be distracting. I have intensively browsed through the Websites here (MPS, Sunscape,BEA, etc) I always keep shaking my head at the comparative low pricing of these things even though I realized these are on another level entirely. This leaves ''thank you'' welling up inside you at the recognition of the efforts and gesture at play in this place.


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