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I am a holistic nutritionist and I have been fascinated by minerals for a long time. Since I reversed by anxiety and depression by taking large doses of vitamins and minerals, specifically based on the results of my hair tissue mineral analysis test. I am especially interested in copper imbalances and how excess unbound copper can cause mental disturbances.

Is anyone here combining alchemy with mineral balancing?!? My intuition has told me for a long time that minerals are critical to healing the physical body, which is important to do before trying to obtain elevated states of awareness (I used to be very into these spiritual realms but was unwell and ungrounded in my physical body and it almost lead to psychosis).

I believe balancing the body’s energy glands (thyroid and adrenals) is important to do first so the body has the strength to push out heavy metals. Heavy metals also tend to displace nutrient minerals when we’re deficient in them (like cadmium displaces zinc), so replenishing mineral reserves can also help detox metals.

Somehow I am just discovering alchemy because it is finally the right timing.

I work with clients and help them replenish minerals and detox heavy metals through mineral balancing. I want to know if anyone uses this modality in combination with alchemy? Would you recommend detoxing some metals before getting started with alchemy? Or do you think a gentle (origin?) option could be used from the start?

If there’s a way to speed up the healing process I want to know how to do so, but also don’t want to recommend that clients incorporate these products before they’re ready. I believe in the importance of grounding into the body and mind before attempting to transcend them! Otherwise the nervous system is so dysregulated that people are more likely to disassociate (trauma response) than merge with their Higher Selves and the collective consciousness. I learned this from personal experience.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, and I am so happy to have discovered this group!

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Comment by Michael Warner on December 31, 2021 at 11:52am

I'm not sure I would place disassociation and any kind of awakening as two sides of the same coin. You have said you learned this from personal experience. My question would be what sort of spiritual work were you doing at the time? Could that have been the cause? Or, was it just not effective enough to overtake what was already happening? Check out JD's book, The Simple Truth: Fast Path to Freedom, if you haven't already, for a better understanding of what's happening beneath the surface level.

As for mineral supplements, I think many here do this. Lugol's iodine has been mentioned. As far as chelating agents go, it certainly has some strength there, but I have read that this passes through the liver, so, some caution is advised. If you notice any changes to your digestive tract, then take a break for a while (30 days will do the trick) so the liver can regenerate. Also, mineral deficiencies can cause adverse effects when you first take Lugol's. Get that squared away first. It happened to me, and I only took one sip from the glass of water it was in making it not too severe.

As for taking large doses of anything, I would proceed with caution. Even if it is water soluble, who knows what it is doing before it gets flushed out. My personal advice, start with the lighter alchemies, and start small. As for recommending to others who might be suffering from some form of trauma or mental imbalance whether or not they tell you, the alchemy is real, and should know what to do, but you can have adverse reactions to placebos, and it might not be best to scare anyone away from something that could later benefit them. This is just my opinion. Remember, you were led here.

Does anyone else want to chime in on this? It feels like I'm leaving something out.


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