Just a quick PSA to keep people above the noise or “morality play” that is American politics.

There’s an old saying: Brilliant people talk about ideas, Smart people talk about things, Dumb people talk about other people. What’s the state of the political discussion in your house? Are you talking about why we have a two party system, how the primary process has been rigged, reigning in the absurd power of political appointees, or other fundamental flaws that could be improved – OR – are you talking about the THINGS that could result from the election – OR – are you a complete dupe who misses the good ‘ol soap opera days and has nothing else to do but natter on about the personal habits of candidates who never should have been candidates to begin with? Take a moment to think about how you think and what’s likely to result from it. After all, people do tend to get what they focus on.

Also, I’d caution those of you who are brilliant to subdue your lust for change. Until the US Government is willing to abolish all protections for the church, things won’t change much. That’s where the truly dangerous dark entities hide and that’s what creates the smoke screen that Pink Creatures are not willing to see through – mostly because seeing through it involves admitting some unpleasant things about their own thinking.

We’ve been caught in the perfect trap. Religious powers know how far out you’re willing to think and they know how to mold the landscape to prevent you from thinking “too far.” Their tricks almost always rely on YOU using their false knowledge to deceive yourself. You believe a piece of false data because it gives you an excuse or makes you feel more comfortable. Then you do it again, and again. Then you complain that your life doesn’t make any sense… Well, here’s the Crux - until you take responsibility for that part, you’ll Stay Stuck.

So for all you pink creatures out there, yes, I mean all of you who chose to be “offended” at this point – know this: until you’re willing to give up colonialism, slavery, and the personal power that comes from social inequity, you are stuck with religion and all the unpleasantness it bestows, including today's politics. You most certainly deserve it!


I once heard a wise man say:

I am Max Biggerstaff!

Praise “BOB” and Let There Be SLACK!

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Comment by JD Aliix on March 12, 2020 at 4:26pm

JR, that's a pretty cool little piece. I submit that posting it here is almost masturbation. Might get 20 views? I think you should be posting this on Facebook and other places where it'll get seen. As always, I'm mostly detached from the directions the thundering herd of 3Ders stampede towards, but the eyes and ears you want to reach aren't really found here.



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