Red Sphere Meditation Visualization

Sit comfortably, I am sitting cross-legged, feet tucked. You can sit any way you want as long as you can erect your lower spine.
Place your palms facing up on your inner thighs, interlock your fingers with left pinky on the bottom, right index on top, put all your fingertips together to the corresponding fingertip.
Straighten your spine, take a breath in the mouth and out the mouth, feeling the mucosal tissue benefit, now breathe at a healthful pace however you will most benefit and relax the muscles in your upper back, middle back, lower back, shoulders, everywhere. But try to keep your lower spine and muscles straight and hands and fingers interlocked, fingertips touching. If anything "pops" that's a good thing. Try altering your breath, shifting your body to create more pops.
Release your hands. Rotate them at the wrists to relax and empty them of stress, now place your hands in front of you, palms up, arms and elbow slightly extended, as relaxed as you can make your arms and hands, resting on wherever that is, maybe your knee or inner thigh, still breathing healthfully, now close your eyes.
Imagine two hollow pillars of light in front and above your eyes, to the left and right of each pillar is a blue light column. Keep breathing. Allow these images to remind you of something that makes you feel grateful for the human experience.

For the more peaceful among you, just get imaginative from here. Try going into the hollow pillars. They're elevators.
For those with unrest, now place on each hand thumb and index finger together, making the OK sign, relax the other three fingers. Imagine there is a red blurry sphere of energy coming from your exact center, in front of your groin, imagine you are pinching this sphere with index and thumb, right and left of the sphere. Pinch it securely and evenly.

If you are feeling tired, please rest here, open your eyes, stop tensing and straightening your lower back, or you can keep your eyes closed and continue pinching but rest your body. Feel free to come back to this point later.

Your fingertips should be feeling warm, the hotter they are the more power and effect. Keep your thumb and index pinched, but project the red blurry ball forward. Allow it to become either smaller or larger, more in focus or less in focus, add features or remove features.
Now place your middle finger on the upper nail of your index finger. Connect the thumb, index and middle finger nails of both hands together. Breathe in through your mouth and out through your mouth. Then resume healthful breathing.
As you resume healthful breathing, imagine two perfect upward spiralling, coiling white beams come out of the top of the red sphere, now out of the exact center top of the sphere, a pillar of blue light. Extend this slowly at first, like a caduceus seedling, then make it more rapid. Eventually you should connect this light between the exact center of the two pillars of light from earlier. If you can't reach, that's fine. The harder it is for you to grow the white spirals and the blue light, the more you have to let go of. If the pinching of the red sphere brings you much pleasure, stay with it, there's no rush to this, and the more you realize that there's no rush, the easier it will come.

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