Solar Body The Release of the avatars The Kalki End of the Kali Yuga

The month of May 2021. The new world savior was Initiated for the betterment of humanity. The Krishna avatar descended Into my solar plexus. The avatars are available for humanity now. The black Sun cult was destroyed on the higher plane. This was the 1st gate. Humanity has 6 more gates to pass through. 3d reincarnation is no longer available for those marked to go to the new world. 

I finished my life karma and went for my review. I was downloaded with the Tao and joined conciousness with Babaji. My solar body came online. I have been going to the Halls of amenti and to the sun when I sleep . When I wake up, I come back with the knowledge of what humanity needs to k ow is happening in the world now. I remembered everything. My 3 names. My origin. The Orion alliance. This is it, we are in the last days. You ready? 

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Please say it makes no difference, I’ve already done my fair share of insufflating in my early 20s, if insufflating means what I think it means

New member

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