I've been told my Merlin Stone is ready and is now on its way to me. I was thinking about it and I am really drawn to the Star Trek test called the Kobayashi Maru. 'The No-Win scenario...nice history of how it is portrayed can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobayashi_Maru

"By stepping outside of the rules of the game you can redefine the game..."  

I was standing at the sink one day draining water out of a pot when I felt something push against my elbow and I lost my grip on the pot and ended up spilling the entire contents into the sink...pasta, water...it felt like a big joke on me. There wasn't anyone there...yet my arm was pushed. Brought to mind Wormhole document #3 (certainly worth re-reading)

" The you who produced the arm and consequent poking finger is second awareness, and it’s really accurate to say that it is a less perceptually limited you, or larger you, who thought it would be fun to poke the more perceptually limited you, or smaller you, just to see what it would do with the circumstances, the situation, to see if it could learn anything."

The Merlin Stone Arrives...wow, this is amazing.  It is nearly impossible to put into words how I feel when I look/think about this wonder.  

I have slogged my way through some health issues, most of it resolved, but still some pesky issues that have eluded conventional therapy.  My stone talks to me.  I went to check out yoga mudras and found two that I decided to try out.  They are working!  What a relief!  Two days, five minute minimum for each mudra.  I have been dealing with this issue for months, and it is resolving after 20 minutes.  Powerful.

My Merlin stone likes the name 'Maru'.  Clipped this bit from a forum:

The dictionary I have says まる (丸, 圓); noun, (1) circle or globe; (2) (state of being) whole or complete; (3) the inner space of a castle; (4) slang for money. It also lists
まる.い: adj., (1) round or globular; (2) without sharp corner; (3) round in personality;
まるぼちゃ: noun, a round and cute face;
まるまっち.い: adj., (slang) small and round in the face, short in height, round in face, cute;
Yes...it sure does seem to fit.  It is a ship naming convention used by the Japanese.  Today I could picture myself sitting in the center of Maru...the journey should get a whole lot more interesting.
Outstanding, Jason!

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