I've been doing the Sun Meditation on and off for about two weeks now, and it is always incredible, powerful but gentle, and amazing. 

This morning, as I was parked, waiting for the contractors to arrive at the apartment complex they are currently working on, I decided to do the Sun Meditation.

I start by seeing Helios in the sky, bright and powerful. I greet him, and he smiles down at me. 

I feel myself fly up and out to him, and in a moment I am right up next to him, and I fling my arms around him. Feeling him hugging me back is one of the best things ever. 

Suddenly, his color shifts to a flaming blue...

I wasn't worried, but, I was curious. Sensing this, he waits for my question, looking down at me.

"Why are you blue?"

"Because I am Shifting."

"Oh. Okay. Kool! Why are you Shifting?"

"Because it's what I came to do."

"Well then, I totally support you! I Love you, and accept you no matter what."

I rest my face against him, still hugging him. I can feel myself beginning to melt into him.

"Are you ready?" he asks.


I feel myself melting further into him, slowly falling into and through him like a slow motion scene in the most impossibly incredible ScyFy motion picture ever. 

Oddly - or, maybe not so oddly - inside, it's still the white-yellow glowing, flowing filaments I've experienced every time I've been here. It's like, each filament is made of flame, but they don't flicker like flames do here in Earth gravity. It's more like they flow slowly, a bit like crepe paper streamers hanging from a ceiling, being blown around very gently by an unseen AC vent. They vary slightly in width, but the ones I've always merged with are always about the width of my body.

And that merging is beyond awesome... The energy of the filament and of my body mesh perfectly. Every single quantum molecule of mine is touched by the energy of the filament. I don't feel any heat. But it does 'burn' away all the toxic nonsense I'm holding in my fields. 

It is simultaneously energizing, invigorating, and yet very restive and restorative.  

I *know* Helios is our Brother {for lack of any better word}. 

And it's incredible to be able to not have my ego step in and take over the 'seeing'. To just let the experience inform it. To try to say it better, I'm not 'reaching' for any particular experience. I just let it happen. I don't judge it. I just let it flow...


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