few years ago with a few friends we traveled trough the universes to a far kingdom where something was wrong.

an experiment with REALITY ENERGY. we encountered a machine.

i stole all the powers of that machine like it was waiting for me.

this resulted in an enourmous sight the sight of the entire existince.

when 4 powers are combined they form the dragongod of the existince.

the existince is bigger then all the fields of universes are.

the kingdom of darkness,the kingdom of light,the kingdom of the dragons,the kingdom of the demons

are kingdoms of the existince.

after combining 4 powers my soul transformed into the dragongod.

a high god came to me, and we spoke and he said from this day i wil come each 14th day to teach you.

your soul is the perfect candidate to be the KEEPER,GUARDIAN of the ultimate dragon.

the dragon speaks the langauge of god.

when i am not the dragon i dont speak the language of god.

i learned from the darkness and the light and from the kingdom of evil.

the kingdom of evil is a kingdom of trained soul killers by god ofcourse.

the dragon is the general of this army of super soldiers.

and with this weapon the existince is protected under the watchful eye of my teacher god.

when the dragon is formed, i only sleep 4 hours a night.

the dragonsoul is not compatible with my human body, it holds me from sleeping.

as the dragongod i traveld to andromeda to the faraoh heaven to ask for the blessing of the faraoh of the existince when i am not the dragongod of the existince.

with my hammer i made the blessing higher.

then my teacher came he said, i allow this.

the search for power.........

a faraoh can sacrifice souls to amen-ra ra horus set maat amun and transform powers into useful souls.

when a faraoh is given new souls, the faraoh sacrifices these souls to the faraoh gods, this results in little avatars of the faraohgods the NEW ARMY OF THE FARAOH.

if a power is inside my soul or body, and i dont want to have this power.

i name this power and sacrifice this power to anubis for example, then this soul becomes a avatar of anubis. this is how the sorcery of the faraoh works.

scarab souls live inside the body of the faraoh.

the faraoh does not have sex becouse the faraoh is a holy man.

the human body is designed to make HIGHER ENERGY when a human body has no sex.

then the purity level rises and rises and rises and then the human body is capable of speaking new languages. demongod of war language,faraoh language, language of heaven.

with the help of the dragon wich is formed by these 4 powers:

- father of all nexuses and lotuses

- god of all lotuses and nexuses

- nexus

- lotus

the hammer of lotus can be used to take the laws for all fields of universes.

this was an accident gone terribly wrong with me.

i am the keeper, the guardian of these powers.

i have reached NIRVANA. a strong feeling in my entire existince that helps me and says to me what i must do todo someting PERFECT.

with the help of nirvana i can speak the perfect words todo magic with myself.

with the help of nirvana and the most powerful hammer of god in human history i killed all devils and destroyed hell on earth.

i am working with the heaven of earth to raise the energy pureness of all humans.

this is allowed by my master, a high god who teaches me and blesses the humans.

i sit on the trone of the father of the heaven of earth.

i am the emperor thanks to this wicked experiment i became this.


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