as a creator, it helps at times, to put into perspective, from a more discrete point of view, our lives, in the bigger picture. Through the lens of one creator to another. here is such an attempt...

it's all about tension.
as a creator, to see that we exist in a frame of being where multiple wills negotiate a kind truce of their intents, a locality of mind, a space and time where we agree that the established parameters of our collective will is sufficient in carrying out all our individual intended goals. a world like a garden, a reality. or a dream.
and then, even so, that is a highly temporary situation. in reality, as in all things, we are aware, that all moments of stasis or agreement yield inevitably into rupture once again, it is the life cycle of consciousness, group consciousness, of story, of the type as seen here on earth, and to an extent, throughout creation itself to see that to exist, to be or not to be, is a cycle. and consciousness a loop.
go to that place where you have no control, feel the lack of sense of self with the free fall, the gravity melts away, the words find themselves to speak, there is no need to pretend that anything can have any sway in such a pure and fertile state, here the eternities have full power and influence over what comes next, do not attempt to resist them . merely and only hold the space of that pure infantile wonder and allow the moment to speak for itself.
there is only here and now always. no future date exists, no past occurrence exists, only this one now, even the present is an illusion, for the moment that we are aware enough to be aware of the where we are and when it has already past and has been written, following a trajectory of its own making beyond our ability but to add influence and opinion and input into possible future versions of our lives as yet not manifest.
there is only here and now, a moment so small, to see it, would draw you in, and to focus upon in it, you would cease to exist as a person that could be lied to and manipulated by the laws of being which dictate that we are helpless and uninvolved victims in the smallest details to the largest opportunities of galactic proportion at all times. 
relax. there are a few words which aid in preparing the necessary state for becoming a conduit for pure creativity. say aloud and feel the words resonate throughout your body as you say them their truth. 
meditate. cultivate the mental fortitude necessary to maintain the space. just as with any skill, continued use of the muscles and fibers involved in holding open the necessary apertures aids in the quality and length of each session. and reduces the stress placed upon you to open and maintain such spaces. just as with the body becoming stronger, so does our focus.
focus is effortless. it does not require anything of us, but to step out of the way. there is no need for us to do anything but learn to remain open, empty, and clear, receptive to all that flows through us.
to simply this notion, simply remain empty. our minds are but links in a much more vast chain. each feeds our being, adds substance and quality to the interactions that like explosions in the sky fill our lives with wonder. with fascination and grandeur. as an author, your skill is to access these nether realms of pure creativity and imagination. to aid them best in their cause, in your divine and noble pursuit to entertain and share information, to inform means to remain empty. to be a conduit. a pipeline, with which all pure data may through you flow.
maintain a dream journal. as with all things, the strength of humanity is in its ability to form intimate relationships. this ability extends beyond the interpersonal, and in a certain sense, one could say that everything in existence has a kind of awareness and in certain cases a personhood with which a keen and willing mind may communicate and commune, are the levels of the mind themselves. like your physical body, these emotional and mental bodies, these intuitive bodies too, have a sense of themselves. of which in your notion of self, they collect and form the unified experience of your being. by design, they at times come into conflict with one another, or disharmony. however, this is a default state, and a source of great drama, thus producing an endless supply of tension.
of which the collective human story, known as the earth experience, appears as a result. often times in earth sayings, it is often said, that the heart and the head want different things, are that one person is ruled by one over the other and that many conflicts come about from the meeting of people with different perspectives on the world where importance on the heart or the head, or vice versa, simply cannot see eye to eye, as they see from different kinds of mind, and they simply do not calculate the value of their experience in a way same that translates effectively from one to the other. this is not an obstacle or a failing, but rather an opportunity for exploration in one another and ourselves and so, for growth. for expansion. currency versus empathy. numbers versus feeling.
logic versus truth.
maintaining a dream journal establishes not only a relationship with the subconscious but also creates a pathway that over time strengthens, through the effort of your will, which is key in all things, your willingness to do something, to confirm your participation is the most powerful act possible by a sentient being, all details and systems then can gather and rally to your cause and deploy themselves in the completion of the desired task. (i.e., writing, making a movie, any and all arts.) only then would you need remain a willing conduit to this higher will which serves you. and you it, by respecting it's place in the grand design and staying out of it's way as it does so.
just as you do not consciously maintain the rhythm and pace of your heart beat or breath or monitor and micromanage every of the billion billion of chemical interactions that constantly occur within your body daily, you rely upon a system and a network of independent but collaborative functions whose end result is not to force you, or to tell you anything of what to do with your life, but to give you the space and time, the opportunity to explore your choices, through the support of your life function. they give you a canvas of a day, and with that time and space you may do whatever you please.
well, just as there is an apparent internal world functioning in this manner to support your existence, so too, is there an apparent external or etheric mental realm, a mental world, a world of imagination and creativity and inspiration and harmony, of story and archetype, much like the heavens and constellations, the planet's and their astrologies, all aligning and collaborating to support your day to day will and sense of self and function, in the support of your will, to explore and expand into a greater realization and so a knowing of yourself.
by maintaining a dream journal, you choose, you employ your divine power, of will, to use part of your immeasurable wealth to building a stronger and more aware connection to these forces, who then, as a result of your efforts, bring to bear a greater influence upon your creative acts, enriching them and transmuting all your works, as a midas, into gold beyond gold, as now they have a more expanded and conducive pipeline with which to reach you, assist you, and thus to flow to others, those who through your efforts you serve, as an artist and author.
it is as a creator of worlds, as a fictional mind, to see that the one thing that drives the collective will best, that employs the opportunity for growth and expansion, for exploration and inspiration, for soul searching and the apparent epiphany of ourselves, in discovering more about our inner nature through the device of the world that appears to surround us, is tension. the congress, the group dialog of wills, each with their own agenda and sense of what the world is and what it should be. it is not an argument over what is preferred, but a meeting of visions of the world, where not where one triumphs over the other, but through the sometimes hostile act of convergence, though only the act of merging, of forging into one, can any vision of what will be manifest, be rendered at all.
we must get there together, one way or another, each adding their part, even in an act of subtraction, all of us or none at all. and so, we hold the lever of tension, for characters and for each other, we maintain the conflict necessary to spur heroes to action, misunderstandings to erupt into war, and the pang of loneliness to inspire and nurture true love. and so, the opposite feeds like an echo the response of it's mated antagonist,
and hunger yearns to starve, as excess lusts to want.
and we create tension.

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