Consider your mind as an iceberg, with the tip representing the thinking mind and the beta brainwave pattern. So long as you do not seek to engage what lies beneath the water line, you are entirely in the separated mind that has the least power and understanding. All it can see is what lies at the surface, though all levels impact being. And what you are not aware of in yourself, you cannot understand in others, so you interact with the 'tips' of 'other icebergs', without any depth of insight as to why, how, and what things are not working.

You can only perceive in the world what you are aware of, so the more limited is your awareness, the 'smaller' is your life. And what you are not aware of in life you will make subconscious assumptions about from a place of error (wounding). And so the smaller is your life, the greater will be your fear. Your functional-beta mind is good for some things, but not to interpret life in highest truth, nor to access the deeper soul longings and lessons and the deeper currents that impact and shape your life.

What lies beneath is a vast database of wisdom, power, capacities, and potentials that await your discovery. The deeper down that you allow your awareness to go, the more you can clear the distortions that keep you from greater self-knowledge. As you clear these, the higher the vibration you reach, the vaster the knowledge that you have access to, the greater the power, the closer you are to the Source of creation. In going to greatest depth right to the ocean floor (corresponds to delta brainwave state), you experience Oneness wherein all problems are non-existent.

In vertical-awaring, you learn to create a shaft of light from the depth so that the mind at the tip may be continuously illuminated and reach enlightenment to an ever greater degree. In enlightenment, you transcend the apparent problems because you are no longer in the mind that created them in the first place. Enlightenment rearranges reality. Enlightenment is achieved in the present moment, and though you may not be able to sustain that continuously, the more frequently that you achieve it, the more awakened and conscious you become.

Anita zarkel

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