Whence – Where – Whither

Part 1 – Whence

As we look ahead to 2018, we seek to find in our fading footsteps some indication as to what we might encounter. So, let us look ahead by first glancing back at the major Astrological factors that modulated our lives last year.

Through much of last year we felt the push and pull of two interrelated aspects, Jupiter was Opposite Uranus while Jupiter Squared Pluto. The fact that these two alignments overlapped one another wonderfully illustrated that we were still experiencing the major influence that has dominated our world of late, the ongoing Square of Uranus and Pluto.

The relationship between Uranus and Pluto articulates the dynamic interplay between Freedom and Will, or Mind and Control. Through their series of alignments, (from Conjunction, to Square, to Opposition, to Square and onto the next Conjunction) we witness the challenge that plays out in human affairs between our need to be Free and our need for Order. Many commentators have noted the similarity of the challenges and upheavals we are experiencing in our own period to those of the 1960’s, (their prior Conjunction) and to the 1930’s, (their previous Square).

In our time, this struggle has been modulated and exaggerated by the 245-year cycle of Pluto which has once again brought it into the Sign of Capricorn, (from 2008 until 2024); once again we are here to bear witness to and bear the responsibility for bringing this Age to a meaningful end as we help to give birth to another. Just like our ancestors who went through similar “Endings of an Age/Beginnings of an Age”, (1762-1778 and 1516-1532) our Institutions and Norms are being shattered by Agents of Destruction.

Yet, many, many more will seek to preserve what was so dearly bought by the Love and Sacrifice of those who came before. And, there are those who are the Seers and Builders of the next New Age. But know this, that one and all will serve in their own way to be part of a Greater Story, the never-ending Journey of Life-Spirit-Consciousness which is leading one and all homeward to the Everlasting Light.

The “Destroyers” serve as much as those who seek to Preserve, Heal and Build. Wise Ones know that we can never judge another spiritually, for that is fulfilled by greater powers than held in human understanding, will and laws. And, it most certainly true, that no one person is all one or the other. Just as Light and the Dark most certainly contend “out there”, always and forever the real struggle of spirit is to be faced within, by each individual in any life, and in life after life, as they walk the Spiritual Razor’s Edge between Love and Fear, between Faith and Fate. 

Each of us must find our way, to do our part in this world that is passing away. For those who stand for the Eternal Values of the Ancient Wisdom, for those who are guided by and seek to preserve the Treasures of Truth that all your forbears endeavored to pass down to you, the way ahead is straight and true. You need only need remember from whence you came, and you will steer your life by the everlasting values that stand behind all Creation.

Behind each culture, in the Diamond Heart of every Civilization, in the heart of all Religions, in the Philosophies and Sciences of every age, the Shining Ones hold the Archetypes of Eternity. In the end, it will always be your Joy and Duty to stand in the Light, and to hold to the path of Freer Thought, Unconditional Love and Centered Will.

You happen to be here, at this crucial hour. What a privilege this is; what a responsibility you bear. You have earned this; you are here to be the torch-bearers of Light. It is no accident; you are part of a greater plan, and all those choices you made long ago have brought you and I to this moment now. And now, there is no more precious moment than the next step you will take in this Journey of Light and Love.

The world holds its breath; the Story of Light and Shadows arcs across your world.

It has always been so; and you have been here before.

Will you Stand for Truth?

Will you Stand Together?

Will you Stand for Love?

There is only One answer…

Stand in the Light; Be the Light.

Follow your Heart home.

Be guided by the Wise Ones, who know there is no religion higher than Truth.
Walk the path of the Great-Souls, who practice the Wisdom of Love.
Find inspiration in the Lonely Ones, their Willing-Sacrifice honored by 
the Angels and Devas above.
Listen for the Voice of the Silence, attend the gentle whispers in your Heart,
And you will find “The Way”.


Next, “Where are we now?”

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Comment by Jene on January 11, 2018 at 9:33am

This was the only way I could get this post into my blog.  Wish to attribute this to Astrologer Bill Attride ...



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