The New Year – Part 2 (January 2018)

Posted: 10 Jan 2018 02:42 PM PST


Whence – Where – Whither

Part 2 – Where

Astrologically, 2018 will be like many years. We will have three periods of Mercury in Retrograde, (March 22—April 15, July 25—August 18, November 16—December 6), and Mars will turn Retrograde too, (June 26—August 27). There will be New Moons and Full Moons and many of the other typical phenomena that form the warp and weave of Energy-Forms that thrill through your world year after year.

But there are some significant changes coming to you in 2018. As the last year ended, Saturn entered Capricorn, (until December 2020). And, another major Sign shift lies ahead in 2018; Uranus will enter Taurus in May and remain there until 2026. We are moving into a new modulation of energies, (both planetary moves will shift the balance of energy, from Fire Signs to Earth Signs), and the dominant sensibilities and themes in your life will change accordingly.

These two Sign shifts will combine with a critical phase in another planetary pairing of outer planets, (Uranus Semisquare Neptune). This Planetary Pair articulates the ever-shifting integral evolution and balance between Individualizing Energies (Uranus), and Communalizing Energies (Neptune). It is here, through these starry Avatars, it is here you will see play out our Spiritual Journey in the weaving/warping of our Greater Awareness; it is here that the story of your awakening will unfold in the dynamic interplay (and oftentimes struggle) between Mind and Intuition, between Reason and Faith, between Science and Religion.

Yes, what lies ahead for you is quite a “seismic shift” in The Circle of the Living Ones, (The Zodiac), that form and inform your life here on Earth. The Winds of Spirit are blowing now, the Planetary Tides are sweeping away the old, as they bring glad tidings of a New Age to you and your world.

Saturn in Capricorn – The Test of Responsibility
I have already written a piece on this shift of Saturn into Capricorn, and I would refer you to that blog entry for a deeper analysis of this most important passage here: Saturn in Capricorn. But I did not then note the significance of Saturn (or any planet) moving from a Fire Sign into an Earth Sign. Whereas you are to experience the Ideals and Inspirations of Spiritual Truths when planets move through Fire Signs, it is in the element of Earth that you bring these Shining Truths into the manifested forms of your world. As Saturn now, (and Uranus soon), move into Earth, it is time to make real what you know and hold to be dear and true; for after all that is thought, written and spoken, you are here to be this Truth, you are here to make the Dream of Spirit shine in all that you make and do.

But from a more Mundane or Worldly perspective, Saturn in Capricorn has been associated with challenging periods in US History, (this is probably because the USA is a Cancer, the opposite Sign to Capricorn), and more especially because both Venus and Jupiter, the lesser and greater benefics, are in Cancer too. The last three times Saturn went through Capricorn, (1988-91, 1959-1962 and 1929-32), the USA experienced economic and financial challenges. Recessions and worse led to cultural and political upheavals, reminding us once again that what drives all markets is the one thing common to all of them, human nature. Though many factors must be integrated to understand the ups and downs of economic life, it all comes down to Faith and Fear. Now the past is no certain indicator of our future, patterns never repeat exactly, but they do carry remarkable resonances, and so it would be wise or prudent to prepare for some challenging times ahead.

Uranus in Taurus – Transformation of Value
Uranus in Taurus, (2018-2026) will bring startling transformations to the realm of Values. The previous times for Uranus in Taurus were 1935-1942, 1851-59 and 1768-75. Those periods were characterized by upheavals and rapid changes in Society and Culture, and brought about new orderings of Economic and Political structures. These Uranian shocks and turnings break old identifications, leading to revolutionary breakthroughs in Ideas and Technology, in Society and Culture. Uranus leads us beyond our self-created Saturnian boundaries, and in Taurus it creates a new Fabric of Meaning. Uranus in Taurus will usher in a new Value Hierarchy, and a so new kind of Human too. The self-limiting attachments to outworn ways and values are broken, and a new way of being emerges.

Uranus & Neptune – Individuality vs Community
The more consequential (yet more hidden or obscure) energy-form of 2018 is the next significant cycle moment in the relationship between Uranus and Neptune. The interplay of Uranus and Neptune articulate the dynamic and integral development of Individuality versus Community. Their relationship inspires our spiritual journey and reminds us to hold together the development of ever Freer Minds with a commensurate deepening of our Unconditional Love. Their cycle from Conjunction to Conjunction is about 170 years and the last one happened in 1993. The most recent previous conjunctions were 1821 and 1650, and each time a new ordering of the integral relationship between the Individual and their Community was articulated.

When either of these energy-forms becomes imbalanced with the other, we either move towards extreme forms of independence, (and break our bonds of fellowship), or we bind ourselves into individuality-denying forms of communalism, (and break the integrity of each member of the group). There is a need for Life, for Spirit to find itself by being One and True, but it also can only do this by being part of something greater, of belonging and being formed by something larger too. We all want to be One of a Kind; but we also can only find our Meanings and Values by being part of some Kind.

The release of a new ordering of these two principles in 1993 has now reached a critical moment, (the similar period before was 1845-47). Clearly, throughout the world the tension between Freedom and Communal life-ways is ripping cultures into ever more fragmented sub-cultures and groupings; the Centripetal force of Freedom has become severely unbalanced in its integral relationship with the Centrifugal force of Love. Each is seemingly devolving into a warped version of its higher nature. Freedom becomes ripped from shared affections, becoming selfish and nihilistic; Love becomes bounded by fear of the unfamiliar, affections narrow and retreat inwardly to anachronistic anchors of “blood and soil”. The spiritually true communal foundations founder and break, the Center that is Love cannot hold, and societies devolve into disassociated groups, made of tribes formed upon fear.

But just as in the same cyclic moment of the 1840’s, new notions and patterns are emerging for us now, and there is hope that the bonds formed by our affections for one another’s restored and shared core values will equally be matched by our support for one another’s essential need to be a unique expression of those shared affections and values.

There is much to give one hope, but there is need on the part of one and all to re-establish trust in one another; we need to build our greater faith on kindliness and loving deeds. These small and greater acts of individuals and their communities are happening all around us too…and we must do everything we can to hold ourselves to our origins and original intent, to honor and remember the compact we have formed freely, and as inscribed upon the Great Seal of our national motto:

E Pluribus Unum—Out of Many One

As the great drama of “Light and Shadows” unfolds in this troubled time of an Age that is Ending, when you feel the need to re-center yourself and one another, remember the Great Invocation and be assured that you are not alone and the Dawn of and New Age is all around you too:


From the point of light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into our minds

Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into our hearts

May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide our wills

The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door

where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Next, “Whither are we going?”

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Comment by Mary Betts on January 18, 2018 at 5:38pm

Thanks so much Jene for these great astrological breakdowns of our upcoming year.



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