The Seperator

The Separator

Summary from "Codex Lugubrum"(printed in 1535), by the rare book collector and including his comments.

Note: According to another source, the actual title of the book is: D. Hilarii Pictauorum episcopi Lucubrationes quotquot extant : olim per Des. Erasmum Roterod. haud mediocribus sudoribus emendateanno 1570.

In this book, a new character appears. A character that is merely mentioned in only a few old books. This character is called The Separator. It is said that when God ordered there to be Light from the Darkness, between the absolute Darkness and absolute Light there is a border. Like a border between countries. A 'No Man’s Land'.

This Separator is an entity, a character, that appears only in few works over the globe, mostly in 11th and 12th century manuscripts. The people who wrote about him in their works were so haunted that they changed his name from The Separator to Anonymous.

Here is a story of a Knight, actually an Assassin (around the 12th century) who was paid by diverse kings and aristocrats to kill their enemies. The Knight was known to be one of the best professionals of that epoch. He never failed and he killed anyone, anytime, anywhere - no matter how important the target was.

King if you were, if he got the command - you were already as good as dead. He, however, did not pick his victims - he only picked the sum of money. He killed princes, duchesses, kings, heavy politicians and also big church figures.

This mercenary has a revelation around the age of 50. At that time there weren’t many who lived up to that age. He realizes that one of the kings he had killed was a good man who was protecting his people and land. He changes his mentality completely. He starts to take revenge on all those who ordered him murders. One by one he starts to kill them. He wants to start doing ‘good’.

As he kills them, he realizes that a very important character for the killer commanders was an old priest who was kept somewhere in the depths of the earth, in a prison full of water and rats. A kind of a monk with a white beard, long hair, who had some theories which were inconvenient to some sections of the zone of those who ordered the crimes. Knowing that the monk hasn’t got much time to live and that the next day he will be caught and killed, he doesn’t have time to make a plan how he used to.

He was a great name in that period. He was called Amantes and it was said he was of noble origin. He rescues the priest during the night and takes the old man out of the prison. The old man is hurt, full of diseases, bitten by rats... but he will survive. The fact that the Knight will have to carry him on his back and pass the whole stronghold doesn’t assure him that perfection of moving like he was used to.

He was hurt two times and the wounds were not deadly but being forced to carry the old man, he realized that the loss of blood will eventually cause his death. With no village around, he stops in a forest.

The priest blesses him and the Knight responds to him that he doesn’t believe in any God. He says goodbye to the priest and tells him to leave him to die alone in the shadow of a tree. He stays there and waits to die.

It is said that when the priest left, a hole opened in the ground and a very strong demon appeared. The demon came to take the Knight to Hell.

They even have a discussion, in which the demon tells him she came personally to collect him, being sent by Satan to take him with honors because he committed so much evil. After that, the Knight tells the demon that he will also kill all the demons in Hell and that he will rule over Hell.

During this exchange of words, an angel of light appears. The angel says that the Knight belongs to God, because he did so much good in the last years that he exceeded the evil he made, and that God had forgiven him and wanted him in Heaven.

Then, the demon and the angel pull out their swords to fight over him. In that moment, suddenly there appears a character which the angel and demon knew of, but had never seen him.

According to the book, only two entities saw him: God and Lucifer. They had seen Him only once in their whole existence…

It was The Separator – Anonymous, who is that famous character with a hood. Behind his eyes there is nothing. He’s got a cloak, bound at the middle with a rope. His arms and feet can’t be seen.

The Separator makes a single gesture and the angel and demon freeze; then he tells them that they’re both wrong, that the Knight had done something that never happened in the Universe. He had done good and evil in equal measure. And that because in this case there is a balance, none of them will have him.

The angel and demon disappear because the power of The Separator is Absolute. He tells the Knight that he can rise up, because he doesn't have a wound anymore. The Knight rises and The Separator gives him one single message:

“You will live as long as you want. If you do 'evil', it's OK because it will be balanced by the universal power, because others will be born to do good. If you will do 'good', it still doesn’t matter. There will be others who will do 'evil.

Do 'good', do 'evil'. You don’t matter anymore. You no longer exist for this Universe.

Live on Earth as much as you want, until humanity will disappear. You can transmute instantly anywhere you want with the power of your mind: on the Sun, on Stars, on other planets, in other Universes, anywhere you want.

When you will get tired of this, call me and I will explain to you what is our purpose.”

The Separator made himself unseen, and according to legend, the Knight still lives today among us.

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  • Beautiful!

  • the authenticity and yet the similarities are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Namaste

  • that was lovely!

  • Well hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it Mary. An old friend from Romania sent me that a few years ago. He's actually the one that really got me interested in Alchemy, though what he used to talk about was a little different than what is offered around here. It's like a different branch of the same tree of knowledge.

    Indeed, it's a fascinating story!

  • Ahh I love a good story.

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