what is the value of a thing? in the quary of my thoughts. thinking as i did then as i remember the way it was. in the expanse and scope of my life's time engaged in depraved acts of self defeat. and i worried so well that i began to believe that it was ever possible to be anything other than myself.

but where are we going and how do we need to be for that plot of space time to arrive. signed sealed and delivered, a reality packaged in brown canvas paper on your front door?

the door bell rings and you run outside but first you meet the door. and unconscious to the floor fall to nothing.

a blank stare awakens you and the white square room was where we found you. Captain Tealonus pointed to the hologram emitter represenatation of her mental fragment suspended in a translucent plasma field.

"dear mr. Phlank it pains the committee that we must decline your funding request this year. We wish you well on your future endeavours and thank you for interest in our organization. Sincerely, the polite women's brigade of lower tucson."

i crumpled the rejection notice in my hand. Then he looked within the obscurity of his thoughts walking across the room thinking of a moment that had never occured. I was in the middle of a corn field. no wait, it was wheat. Golden hands like filaments, amoeboid tentacalia wistfully wantingly reaching upward emanating into fractaled light dissipating into where upwards goes that it did not already know. He woke unconscious on the floor again. I had never left.

How many days were you gone? I don't know.

She was heroic and stunningly shaped. Standing in the electronic light encapsuled in the tin belly of the Federation Star: Blondo One. Defiant, even after all those lost years in hyper sleep, all her friends her family her world gone into the ashes of time. blown dust on crypts unattended by a fragmented mind dreaming in a universe she made her own. But now she's back and doesn't miss a beat not a step. i'm looking at her and i'm falling in love, Great Zeldefecki i'm falling in love with a terran. i really should know better, but what a great experiment it would be.

maybe we can go to a movie.

and in the aquasphere we were awkard and deformed.

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Comment by Marsha Gifford on January 2, 2015 at 4:17pm

I like Jason's comment from yesterday.Clarity.Time to REmember,

Comment by Shelly Merk on January 1, 2015 at 7:31am

Great discussion.  I was texting with someone last night that was having a very hard time.  It went like this.....

me:  I love you

them:  Luv you too...me and poor Greg....a cripple and a loser...what a pair...blah

me:  No...someone in need and a healer.  You rock!

them:  Right...I suppose...thank u...xoxo

Later, in an attempt to help ease and explain what would be a new concept for this person I sent an additional text.  While it may not be exactly correct...the words were meant as an introduction.  I felt I was dancing around a bit at the beginning...but it appeared necessary.  It went like this....

me:  When we come to understand the pain and suffering of self is nothing compared to the whole (world) a purpose comes into focus.  That focus or perspective will lead the way.  Change will come unexpectedly.  A merging with your true self will happen and abundant joy will ensue!  Heartache and despair is the illusion to keep you from YOU!

Anyway....I appreciated reading this (blog) when I woke up!

Comment by Street Poet on December 31, 2014 at 6:28pm

(ninja turtle high five) AWESOME.

maybe a door is not a door until it imagines the need of a key. and a key not a key until it finds a division to resolve, to unlock. the strangest realization is that our basic fundamental understandings of who we are and what is happening here are precisely backwards.

and the line of reasoning involved a direction. the explanatory trick is another example of the same misunderstanding but the point was not to overcome or thwart or convert or save or anything bipolar in that manner where opposites exist and need recomposition. there is nowhere to go, really. no movement. nothing really.

but tangential existential philosophizing is not satisfactory for the body. if one were to accept that body is nothing more than a place holder. a cup. the idea of your wallet once it's back in your pocket. you feel it, you sense it though your perception of it is more imaginary than a traditional "physicality" might require in order for us to believe it real.

which is another nice little game of the mind to play with, all it's own.

but what I found, what really stunned me, gave the body what it needed to understand, which is to say, process, which is to see that everything is a circuit conduiting what it serves which is always just itself, but we can't create the trick of reality without pipes. strange isn;t it?

how existence is more about a natural tendency towards order and not chaos. or rather they consort to bring the appearance of the thing into being. worlds flesh skin credit cards, bills, grass. the time it takes to worry and the need to learn how to relax.

cause what's funny about being human is that we aren't really human at all. but you know that right? and the funny thing about knowing that is that knowing that is the least impressive notion of all. of course you're not human. but the organic flesh you wear thinks it is. the history of thoughts and emotions as encoded experiences in that same flesh believe you are.

but you're not. truth is we're not trying to return to source, that's just plain silly talk. we're not trying to overcome separation like some pestilence making the rounds at the hospital as a forgetting disease. no, no scavengers here to fear, just pure perception. living out a projection upon the projected wall through the beam of light whose projected representation is the eyes, not from the camera this time, but a theatre of the mind all the same.

I came across this idea a few days ago, and the concept of it floored me. SOLITUDE. why?

well we come from a "place" that doesn't know solitude. because HERE is the only place solitude can exist. though it is merely an illusion.

But the moment I felt the cold icey winds of a nowhere, and felt the subzero detachment and disaffect of knowing there is only one, in the barren lands, in the nowhere zones, in the arctic wastes, there is nothing but an awareness ravaged by the gale force winds threatening to uncandle the light.

there is a feeling of being alone. yes. you've been sent here to experience this. isolation is a unique experience, it germinates a seed that would be a flower.

do you sense or have you noticed how assuming you are human has caused a kind of mind to develop that essentially exists to perform only one function? to reach out. because it's fundamental operating gestalt is that it is isolated, alone, and must from the concept of an outside bring what it needs within. it must meet the right person at the right moment with perfect timing. that old running gag.

but in a state of acceptance in solitude, and acceptance is key to this game, the body as the vessel of the mind, rewires it's effort.

what does it feel like?

well it doesn't feel like anything you thought you ever needed to reach for.

Comment by JD Aliix on December 31, 2014 at 5:43pm

I think I'd like to comment on liberation today. Is spacetime, those continua where distance and therefore time exist, the culprit? Are such continua, like Earth, the trap? Are they designed to engender the harsh reality of limitation being imposed against one's will? That's impossible, at least for those of us who understand Creation, because there isn't anybody who didn't create the very conditions into which they have inserted themselves for the very experience they so often refuse to believe they wanted.

That being the case, what is liberation? Well, based upon the above sentence, it's liberation from self. You might say, "Well FINE! Whoever I'm limited by, even if it's me, how do I gain liberation? Let's simplify the notion by saying there are two conditions of liberation available to us: 1) passing from this continuum through the dubious convenience called death, or 2) choosing to accept, and even love, what IS in every moment. This is the simplest and least resistant mathematical path to taking personal responsibility for your part in creating what IS. Whatever is in the full scope of your perception, you're the one who put it there, either you or superyou. 

This brings us to a subtle hidden power we haven't yet talked much about, but Gang, we will be talking a lot more about it. Let's probe it it this way. There is you, and there is superyou. Some call this your soul, or the indwelling spirit. Conveniently adolescent ideas, those, but It's neither of those things as much as it is what you are, and what you are wants nothing more than for you to understand that you're the phantom, while it's the real and tangible thing imagining YOU. Let's call it "Realself." Realself wants you to do everything possible to let it bloom into this holographic continuum using the vessel you, Falseself, and it, Realself, together created as the access portal. You, me, everyone, makes choices every single day which inhibit this blossoming. Those choices are thoughtforms, first and foremost. What are they? This is what our discussions should be about.

Realself takes full responsibility for its part and NEVER makes a choice that inhibits our thriving. And as we reduce the thought-choices which inhibit its thriving, we in reality merge responsibilities. Doing that is the same thing as Realself blossoming into this holographic continuum and assuming control of this dream version you, the one reading these words. This leads to the merger of two realms from our perceptual vantage point, reducing the perceived limitations established by physical laws that are nothing but mental agreements.

So the equation is straightforward: physical = limitation, because that which is physical is separate. Now the trick is to take "physical" out of the equation because it simply is not true, leaving only "limitation." And limitation is one thing: mental.

Believe it or not, this is making lazy circles around the borderlands of the highest and deepest mystical secrets of this and many other 3rd density continua, keeping in mind that these lessons aren't even kindergarten level on upper density experience. You know all this already. You've been there, done that, but since we're in a 3rd density continuum it's time to remember. It really is time to remember, and to do everything which promotes that remembering.

We might be using Jesus to get some of this across since his experience is so readily available to us. Just a teaser: I was one of his teachers while he sojourned in the East. I'm using these alchemies to reach into the memory banks to retrieve all that.

If this is making you feel "spinny" or nauseous, or even fearful, then the correct dominos are beginning to tip.



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