Very short guide to mindfullness

It took me years to figure out how simple it is to meditate:

Close your eyes and aim your attention at your nose. At this point, do not breathe, instead let your body breathe for you. When a thought inevitably occurs, notice that your eyes have shifted focus from your nose, simply return and attend to where your breath was left. Over time, you will realise that you need to pay attention to whether you are thinking right now.

This builds up concentration and an empty mind. If you find it difficult to follow these words, there is this image here: Be sure to mimic it. 



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  • Appreciate this post, I've been having amazing results with the Chakra Cunning. I also appreciate the cosmic irony yet again, the truth being right under our noses.

    Trataka on the source code symbols means they become 3, sometimes 2, and sometimes 1 image. Its funny how perspective, as determined by a simple shift of focus and vision, can so drastically alter the entire outer reality into 3,2,1. It's all perspective. 

  • I use the meditations on mastery central regularly and have recently been having amazing experiences from them together with the Alchemy. I've not tried the 4/11 Breathing yet but it's the next in line.

    Paisos's explanation and art are useful for guiding my kids on staying focused. I've taught them the oval breathing which is great for young kids.

  • Hey, Guys. I'm just curious. Have you tried any of the multiple meditations we have in Mastery Central? The Pole Star meditation is one of the most powerful on Earth. The 4/11 Breathing has been used by Masters for millennia. 

  • You look 'AT' the beginnings of the nose, not the nose per se, you point your attention at the place shown, below and between the eyes.

    Hope that helps :)

  • I like this technique and the art as well. Thank you.

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