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How To Free Yourself From Fear

What is the best way to deal with fear?


Head-on. A book could be written about that, but I’ll try to give some examples. First let’s try to illustrate why there is nothing to fear to begin with. Imagine a two-year-old toddler in her crib. At night, a huge, hairy, drooling beast with long fangs appears in her room. What does she do? She delightfully claps and laughs and drools right along with the monster. Why? Because she hasn’t yet been conditioned to fear huge, hairy, drooling beasts with fangs. The beast is just a visual symbol upon which emotions resulting from chemicals can be grafted. Fear is therefore taught. Since there’s no fear here to be fed upon, the beast just shrugs and moves onto the adults, because they’re the far easier mark. Fear is created and cultivated and takes years to fully install, which is why adults are the most fearful. In another scenario, the mother runs in screaming her head off, badly scaring the poor girl, and now she is being taught WHAT to fear. The child now collects, absorbs and associates the terror energy emanating from the mother with her new friend, the hairy beast. That gets powerfully installed into the subconscious, and now the poor conditioned toddler is going to fear everything with a hairy body for the rest of her life without even knowing (or remembering) why. The more serious problem with it is that the child’s newly installed fear is going to be installed into any child she comes near, because on the subconscious level, we share thoughts and energies. This is how it spreads.

Religion and Fear

Now let’s imagine your garden variety religious person. The first question is: why are they fearful? Are they not devout? Do they not believe in God? Do they not trust God, completely? Because if they do trust God, then what could they possibly have to fear? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Certainly not death, because according to their fables, they’re going to be welcomed into the open arms of Heavenly Father, and forever dwell comfortably in His bosom. So, if they’re true to their beliefs and trust God, then the worst thing couldn’t possibly be death. Right? So, what is it? Well, it would have to be fear for the sanctity of their soul. Christianity came along and invented hell and began teaching people they would forever dwell in hell if they didn’t eat wafers, recite stuff, give themselves to Jesus, and periodically be cleansed by confessing their sins to a man who might just be a pedophile. That’s precisely why the true creators of Christianity knew that the threat of death wasn’t nearly potent enough – thus the advent of hell, and arbitrarily re-writing roles for beings like Satan and other nature deities. So, if they don’t trust God, then what they have to fear is actually a complete fabrication that became real through the compounding of belief as foisted upon them through a systemized conditioning methodology. All symbols of fear, symbols to be feared, are fabrications. They don’t exist. So, fear is therefore the only thing to be feared.


Now let’s imagine someone who is awake. This is the scenario we’ll focus on for dealing with it, because there is really no hope for those who refuse to wake up. Waking up is, of course, the act of realizing the world isn’t really real. Someone who is awake is on their way to understanding that ALL symbols of fear are fabrications. They’re on their way to understanding that reality is an artificial overlay on a deeper and more foundational reality. This mental mode all by itself removes the fear response all the way into one’s deepest depths. Its removal is not if, but how long. The tool is very much like saying, That thing I fear right there exists only because I fear it. Quantum mechanics has already proven that I’m involved in its constant creation. If I didn’t fear it, it would have no reason for being. So, I’m the one responsible for its existence. I therefore decide right this second that I see it’s a part of me, I did it, I see it for what it is, and I’m letting it go.

For those on the awakening path, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Death? Really? You’re just going to leave your body, go get cleaned up, hang out in a spa designed to get you ready to “go back into the movie,” only this time you’ll recur (reincarnate) in a vastly upgraded body. If our lives are just recurrences of chosen experience, what could we possibly have to fear? We’re choosing them!  This is why someone might choose before they’re born to be involved in a plane crash. They want to experience that incredible rush of flying into a mountain while screaming their ever-loving head off. Then they fly away from the scene, meet with old friends and family, get cleaned up again, and then choose a different experience for a different lesson. Based on that, what could there possibly be to fear? This, by the way, is why Christianity eliminated from its canon the concept of reincarnation, even though Jesus taught reincarnation. They didn’t want people thinking they had another shot at this life thing. They wanted them in lockstep, behaving and obeying NOW. I use Christianity in examples because it’s among the most successful fear promotion system the world has ever known.

How about a little story? I was working with a woman who had a paralyzing fear of tigers. She couldn’t even look at a stuffed animal of a tiger and not go breathless, weak and frozen. I hypnotized her. We immediately came across a life in Africa in the 1800s. She was at a tender age, around 10, I think, when she got mauled by a tiger. She survived, but now that she was disfigured, the superstitious villagers didn’t trust her. They shunned her, pushed her away from their children. Not even her parents would comfort her. She was tolerated, at best, and most of the villagers would just as soon prefer she was fed to that tiger. One villager was a shaman woman. She figured out how to communicate with her in subtle ways, like glances and expressions in her eyes and funny faces. She buoyed her spirits and conveyed that someone did indeed care.

The moral of the story is this. She didn’t fear the tiger. The tiger was merely a symbol onto which she grafted how the villagers had treated her. It was horrifying how callous and crass they could be. She was an “innocent” who got mauled! She was alone and afraid and cried all the time. The tiger was just hungry. What’s there to fear there? It has no malice. The villagers had ALL the malice. If there was anything to be feared, it was their beliefs and superstitions and careless disregard of a tortured child. The tiger was easy to forgive, but the villagers were not. I helped her do that. But the stripes of the tiger later in life became the associative trigger.

Tip: if you’re dealing with fear, find a hypnotist. You’ll get a chance to observe or even re-experience the root cause-and-effect of the fear, and you’ll pretty much always realize it’s a tempest in a teapot. A handy thing to know is this. If you find out you have a fear of mittens, you might say or think, What!? I fear mittens? Why? Just understand that when your brother scared you at 4 with those mittens, he installed the fear at that time. The child was terrified, and that child is alive and well in you, still afraid of mittens.

I’ve heard that love is the absence of fear. What are your thoughts about that?


It’s a new-age slogan, worthy of being on a sticker, and lacks understanding. Love is another word for Everything, All That Is, God, Source, whatever you prefer. Thus, fear exists within the mind of Love. Putting it another way, Love loved Its children so much, She installed in them fear so that they’d survive some awfully hard times on a brutal planet. In that respect, Love IS fear.

Can you talk about freedom in this context?


There’s nothing inherently wrong or limiting with fear, unless the experiencer of it chooses to turn away from opportunity, wholeness, joy, due to fear. If in considering all the stuff written above and coming to the very reasonable conclusion that everyone is responsible for taking part in the creation of the symbols of their own fear, then we know there’s nothing to fear but the ignorance of ourselves. That being the case, then it’s a matter of choosing to plow headlong into and through it because the symbol triggering the fear couldn’t be more fake. Fear isn’t to be obeyed: it’s only to be experienced. Let yourself experience it without letting it make your choices for you. Confront it and move through it. That’s the most important thing to do, because once it sees you don’t obey it anymore, it leaves. It has no reason for being. Choosing to act in this way, and it is a choice, will show you that moving through that curtain can be an exhilarating experience, a rush. This is why excitement and fear are nearly identical frequencies. You might clench your eyes shut and put your hands over your face, but when you open them and look around, you’ll just be standing in a field of daisies in a fresh breeze with fewer symbols of fear lodged in the depths of your psyche. Now, there won’t even be the potential of turning away from opportunity out of fear. You’ve already shown yourself you can move through it and survive. And of course, it couldn’t be more obvious that the less baggage you pack around, the more free you are.

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Brigitte Mouchet is a wellness entrepreneur passionate about exploring the mystery of our human experience. Jason Davis is an author, alchemist, astronomer, quantum physiologist, high-level pioneer in consciousness, comedian, clown, and a mystic with an amazing grasp of the deepest workings of the Universe. His mission is to help people free their minds so they can maximize their journey on this planet. He created the IMAGI app to make it easier for people to hack their reality, and add magic back into their lives. My goal as the editor of this blog is to bring you the most relevant and useful bits of wisdom for our time… by asking Jason. Want to stretch your consciousness? Come back here for more and Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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