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Now that we understand better why we get stuck and how to find a way forward (see my previous interview with Jason: Feeling Stuck? What Is Holding You Back?), I wanted to ask Jason about the reasons behind our challenges.

Is there a purpose to our challenges?


I’ll tell a little story to answer this one. Although this may seem a little far-fetched to some people, I’m aware of civilizations in other worlds. There are tens of thousands of us who have such awareness. One of those civilizations is considerably farther along a developmental path than Earth humanity. They’d proceeded through the common and accepted evolutionary steps according to paradigms hardcoded into existence. They’d gone through strife, hardship, greed, selfishness, brutality, and so on, just as trillions upon trillions of other civilizations have done for Eternity. But those days were long behind them.

Then, 3000 of their years into this Golden Age, they’d become sort of apathetic, their brains were losing their edge, their senses were becoming dull. They had become sedentary, lazy, and not even interested in exploring consciousness or the mysteries of existence itself, nor the secrets of love and understanding, which they’d also moved through. Machines had taken over all functions of life-sustenance. Nobody had to work. Nobody had to try. They just didn’t care. On the level of collective consciousness, they got into some old records archives and saw just how lively everything was when it was tough, challenging, with obstacles to overcome, overlords to overthrow, wars to fight, sides to choose and “fights for what’s right.” They realized how thoroughly they missed all that. So, collectively and superconsciously, they decided they needed all that again, to get sharp, to get that edge back, to make it fun and challenging, and so they imposed upon themselves a “fall” in consciousness. They designed it, then put their “avatars,” meaning bodies and brains, into amnesia, so that the experience would require the most essential realism and the emotions such beliefs generate. Two thousand years later, having reminded themselves of the power of experience, no matter how fake it is (and it’s ALL fake), they moved back into a Golden Age much better equipped as a collective to steer around peaceful apathy and keep the wonder of life and existence in a perpetual flowering state. Or so they hoped.

We choose challenges because our stories require them. Without them, our stories are boring. But do our challenges need to be about difficulties, suffering, strife? Only until Earth humanity, as a collective, chooses a different class of challenges.

Is there any relationship between the challenges we face in our lives and “karma”?


From a high-level perspective, karma is just another concept, or belief. One of the Matrix movies said it best. Karma is: “I am here to do what I am here to do.” Nobody owes anybody anything, and that, by the way, is the truest statement in these words. Owing is an arbitrary perception, belief. BUT, if there is any guilt associated with it, will you do anything to free yourself from that all-consuming guilt? Will you live life after life after life just to make amends, or whatever else you perceive is needed, to be free of that guilt? This is the pattern Earth humanity has become entrenched in. What we think of in the most elementary sense as “souls,” are simply recycled. The result is that patterns – or collective habits as the patterns are held deep within everyone - either dissolve or get reinforced. For 10,000 years, those patterns have done nothing but get reinforced. The wonderment of living now is that we’ve hurled ourselves with much greater dedication and discipline into the dissolution of all those limiting patterns. Our challenges will, therefore, become less about strife and suffering than about exploring all possibilities and potentials Existence has to offer.

There is currently an abundance of teachers offering a variety of methods to help us free ourselves from those patterns. Why is now a good time to work on ourselves?


Because it is time for this massive and important galactic experiment we are all in to move to its next level. This recycling has been obsolete for a long time. It doesn’t mean we’ve been delayed. It only means that we may arrive at the destination with more dirt, scars, burns and attitude on us than we might prefer. But arrive at the destination we most certainly will. The patterns discussed above were all founded in a now obsolete world. We are those patterns. We are our environment. We are our planet. We are each other. To move to the next world, we must dissolve them to make room for the birthing and nurturing of new ones.  

We will have the opportunity to explore all this in future articles. For now, how do we know if we are on the right track?


Excitement. If you are excited, you can bet the last $4 in your wallet that this is the Universe’s way of telling you you’re on the right track. An excited state is not easy to attain so long as you’re limited by all the old crap that must go. If you don’t know what most excites you, then you have to find out for yourself, be an explorer of options and ideas just to find out what excites you. So, you have to move your feet. You have to get out there, explore, look around. Read the experiences of others. Try things on. Discard them. Try something else. Get some paint, brushes and an easel. Maybe you’ll paint what excites you! Do you have the guts to follow your excitement? Will the pattern of fear turn you away from the threshold? Nobody will judge you if you’re afraid. That’s a choice. But it has to be understood that there is nothing to fear. Fear is an entity, also intelligent and self-aware. It exists to be part of our challenges, and is “the enemy” only because we’re conditioned to see it that way. But the symbols that trigger our fears were all chosen, by us. Winston Churchill said it best, and it was incisive and prophetic: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Another cool and impactful thought to understand is that the frequencies of “fear” and “excitement” are almost identical. This is why plowing ahead through fear is in fact another way the Universe is telling us we’re on the right track. Turning away from anything out of fear is a guaranteed recursion of whatever the problem is.

Did you find this inspiring and useful? If so, please share it or leave a comment below. In our next article, we’ll look into how to free yourself from fear.

Brigitte Mouchet is a wellness entrepreneur passionate about exploring the mystery of our human experience. Want to stretch your consciousness? Come back here for more.

This article was first published on the IMAGI blog on March 6, 2020.

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