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Hello I am Mary Betts!

Welcome to the Superbeings!

Hello to my galactic cousins!

Welcome to the The Superbeings! We are excited that you found us! What we offer is a feast for eyes heart and mind. A whole new world and way of being. I manage the central operations for this site and our sister site Blue Emerald Alchemy handling questions about our services and also shipping the products we offer like the alchemy. If I can answer any questions about that- do not hesitate!

My journey with this group, with Jason and the alchemy began in 2010 but in many ways my whole life was guiding me to this current path. It has been incredible, life changing, exciting, expansive and fun every step of the way.

This being once hailing from the Carolinas now a Utah native is a constant student of alchemical philosophy and I love to share and support others in their growth. I am curious to know more and continue to grow and become a better being and I want the same for you!

For fun and for torment ( just kidding) I practice a rare Indonesian martial art form similar to yoga and tai chi and I look for ways to improve and expand vibrant health on all levels of mind and body using our tools, clean diet, the meditations and the alchemy. I do this to be a clearer vessel while simultaneously expanding and dissolving the barriers of my consciousness.  I am a poet and I channel a current of energy that flows beneath the words I record.

I LOVE stories ( please tell me yours!) whether it is fiction ( almost any genre) or simply your own amazing life, letter writing ( a lost art), my interests atm are performance art that involves communion ritual ceremony laughter love and vulnerability, invite synchronicity, studying the supranatural and mysterious,  hanging/exploring with my friends in SL ( see virtuality page) and taking stunning photographs of those adventures.

I want to dance under dark star studded skies in the desert to a hot playlist next to my friends and family, gaze into the eyes of the nebulae while it gazes back, cultivating creative expression collaboratively! I am addicted to laughter, beauty,  sacred bathing, rediscovering our lost mythology, baking bread, delicious fragrances, I adore movies the ones that change your life and music of all kinds electronica, ambient, world, soul, rock it all has to have a common thread of authentic golden magickal soul. I am attracted to beauty, the mystic goodies and sincerity.

I want to know you. I want to play and connect with you and I am dedicated and in service to your growth, won't you be my neighbor? I look forward to this journey with you. Onward Inward upward outward!

Peace and joy flowing,

Mary Bee

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"What a sweetheart doggie! The mustache!"
6 hours ago
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE GREAT PURGE UPON US
"High fructose corn syrup. There is NOTHING redeemable about it.  Orange juice ( even fresh squeezed) is a HUGE lie as far as being healthy. It spikes your insulin. A glass of juice= 10 oranges. That is TON of sugar.  So even fruit intake…"
6 hours ago
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE GREAT PURGE UPON US
"Oh no worries, I appreciate that. I am always learning new bits and I love it."
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE GREAT PURGE UPON US
"What's that about? I soak almond and then dry them in the oven. Is that bad?"
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE GREAT PURGE UPON US
"Hey Everyone, I wanted to mention that my current reading list is amazing. For any of you who wish to rewire your brain for health and joy ( alchemy is helpful alongside these exercises) and really any expanded state that you want to achieve, I…"
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE GREAT PURGE UPON US
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions
"I dream of this group sometimes. I forgot all about this one. I know Second Chance was there cutting up and telling jokes and stories, Molly and Sooz were baking something delicious and Shelly was watching the sea on the balconey with…"
Jul 7
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions
"That line "broadcasting all your nocturnal escapades" That made me laugh so hard. Thank you Theo! Cool shares everybody."
Jul 7
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions
"In the beginning of my journey with the alchemy and this group I had a few dreams about Jason and there were teaching moments in it. This one I knew it was about Jason when I woke up even though he was not recongizable like the other one. Same…"
Jul 7
Mary Betts posted a status
"FYI someone recently sent you a message asking for your personal email, do not respond. It's spam. I deleted the offending member."
Jul 5
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Annoying Question of The Week
"So, when I think about this... do I have the ultimate say? What does little me Mary have to do with a bigger plan and do I know better than metaself what will be for my experience? You are free to TRY to exert your will over a situation but how…"
Jul 1
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Annoying Question of The Week
"Hey All! I got this question in my email. I am making it anonymous so we can get some thoughts on it and I can refer the person who sent the question here for a deeper understanding. What do you guys have to say in regards to this?  "I was…"
Jun 25
Mary Betts replied to Mary Betts's discussion Intersection of Art, Science, Cutting Edge Creativity
Jun 15
Mary Betts replied to Street Poet's discussion Annoying Question of The Week
"I think breathing is a majorly important aspect to health/vitality/being. So much more important than I ever knew. There is so many ways to incorporate breath and meditation. One topic that's pretty hot right now is the Wim Hoff method.…"
Jun 15
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion General Questions
"Hi Theo, I don't think there is any penalty. I don't think it works like that. I do think it's quite possible on the other side, they could just clean you up and after some rest probably send you back in there to finish what you…"
Jun 12
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion Mary Betts
"PSS: I made it! I actually rezzed into the 7 chakra pool area. Sometimes I am sent places other than my intention but this time it worked perfectly. I am leaving a portal entrance to the crystal temple and walking down a crystal stair that takes me…"
Jun 10

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At 3:42pm on March 10, 2018, Ryan Crump said…

Hello Mary,

Thank you for the welcoming and the paragraph advice, which I took. I'm very excited to be a part of this big shift and I'm on a mission to be my "greatest version", as well as helping others become theirs.

I've recently become highly interested in alchemy and everything that goes with it but I have no idea where to begin as far as bringing these things into my life without the need of money. I do however have complete trust in my intuition and that everything falls into place according to plan. 

I'm a currently unemployed "house husband" that takes care of my children while my spouse is the worker bee, providing our family with food and shelter. There's been a great resistance involved with seeking employment, especially when it comes to the big corporate companies who don't care much about the one thing that drives their business. The people are what drives a business. The ones who produce and the ones who buy. 

How can one break free from being a voluntary slave in a corporate industry where someone is seen and treated as nothing more than another dispensable "cog" in the machine? I refuse to work for any company where negative and egotistical minds dwell for the sake of their own needs and desires or for any company which requires harm to the planet, the people and everything within a targeted ecosystem. 



At 11:24pm on October 16, 2017, Calvin said…
Hey Mary just want to say your guided meditation last week was very effective on me. Thanks!
At 3:14pm on July 31, 2017, Susan Day said…

Thank you

At 4:56pm on July 31, 2016, Michael McKinney said…

Hello Mary, I am referencing the general communication regarding healing work sent out a few weeks ago.  You also mentioned the fact of your level of Shaman.  With all the clearing of my body and my ability to be more in touch with past lives.  I am being drawn (back) into Shaman; are you able to take on a student such as this unworthy student? If you are not able to take me on, perhaps a reference?  

My calling to be into service to others has never been stronger, although I have created this long ago in my growing and remembering.  The time for me to get this journey going seems so intense.  A true driving force from myself to myself from all levels.  

Thanks for your advice / help   Michael

At 12:49am on July 27, 2016, Ben Cowell said…
Thank you for the welcome, taken me a while to get to a point where I was ready to start. And something clicked a week ago. I logged on for the first time in a very long time. Everything seems to be syncing. Cheers, Benjamin
At 6:52am on June 17, 2016, Lee said…
Thank you! I'm very happy to have found this group.I look forward to reading more of your writings.
At 12:02pm on May 16, 2016, Denise Catherine Wiens said…

Mary, Denise here,  Just wonderin if we had a Goddess call tonight...i missed last week due to being away from my phone, and it looks like I will be gone tonight performing, so just letting you know.  Hope you are all well, and my love to you all....D

At 6:16pm on April 20, 2016, Frisco said…
Thank you for the add!! And I appreciate the heads up and the 4-1-1 on alchemy. =)
At 8:22am on February 5, 2016, Vanessa Salazar said…
Thank you Mary. It was great chatting with you the other day.
At 7:46am on January 16, 2016, Tammy said…

Thank you for the welcome Mary. I am uplifted by the group energy and sense that our travels together are just becoming conscious for me. :-)

In gratitude and service.  Namaste

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Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions

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This thread is for all things Puramyd.  If you made it to this page without knowing what Puramyd is, go here:


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