A video all about Belita and Hawwah, the Divine Feminine.

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Comment by Paisios Papapavlou on November 21, 2021 at 7:17am
Here's the gist of it: Society has oppressed the feminine due to its capability to connect with the higher planes. The original creator of the human species at first, made androgynous - hermaphrodite people who perceived themselves as equals to the beings in the rest of the Garden of Eden. The Androgynes were named Llilith and Samael, and in order to create the slave race, JVH, Lilith refused to show obedience to Samael as they were equals and so JVH banished her and severed the feminine and masculine natures latent within Samael, and gave him a new name: Adam. Soon enough, Adam felt alone and so, JVH proceeded to create Eve from his rib, his (feminine) side. Therefore, the new genus was: Eve, being an active embodiment of the feminine principles and Adam being of the male(notice I say 'active' and 'inactive' because these natures cannot truly be separated, they are complementary, ying- yang). It seems that the female-active consciousness, Eve, retains a connection with Lilith, who had guided her to eat from the knowledge of good and evil, effectively allowing themselves to become gods. The two trees are Kaballah and the Qliphoth and they represent the feminine principles and the masculine principles inside our mind. In fact, working with Kaballah, a person awakens their 'feminine' hemisphere thereby gaining access to the astral and noetical realms. JVH being aware of the power of the feminine principle, instilled a patriarchical system on earth, where masculinity was rewarded but passivity often lead to suffering. All of which, cascading into the modern situation where people are 'locked' out of their feminine sides and thereby the ability to connect to their astral body - whose controls are within the right hemisphere. If you look closely, being effeminate in so many countries... is punishable by society, often terribly.
Comment by Paisios Papapavlou on November 21, 2021 at 4:29am
This is an important video, relating to the subjugation of the feminine psyche through 'Genesis' and it's reconciliation through myth. I consider it very important for people who want to look beyond the systems of control.


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