Everything You Need to Know About the First Pig-Human Heart Transplant

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Cardiologist examines the science, the history, and the unexpected ethical considerations as we enter a brave new world of XENOTRANSPLANTATION. References:X...

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  • Yes.  The Trickster at work!  Insightful comment.

  • Any action undertaken by the ego fully weighing the ego's terms of 'living' has a single purpose: stalling you from the understanding that you do not need it.

  • Thank you for posting this video.  This brought up so many emotions and questions for me.  The science of the material world is fascinating and intriguing, yet the metaphysical implications could be devastating.  On the one hand if one subscribes to the "all is mind and we live in a matrix and there is no reality" then great the material world fascination is a pleasurable experience that will be translated as such.  But if you subscribe to the "Divine plan and divine creation of the engineered human as a supreme creative entity learning and growing to become a superbeing then this could have some serious consequences forestalling or permanently impeding that pathway.

  • I found this fascinating and decided to share it. :)
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