Lilith and Eve ~ The Serpent and the Tree

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A video all about Belita and Hawwah, the Divine Feminine.

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  • I exhibited such fragmentary thought-processes, very interesting. 

    Let me re-evaluate:

    Human beings at the time of their original conception were naturally androgynous, not necessarily in the 'physical body'-type-of-sense that we envision today, but rather in terms of their behaviorology. Since gender is a social construct perceived to be an amalgam of all the types of behaviours of a human being, then the 'feminine' and the masculine' label are merely a means to diversify behaviours, typically based on the capacity to 'zoom in' or 'zoom out' on one's experience of reality. Zooming in - embedding  oneself into the realm of experience allows the individual to experience sensitivities; emotions, instincts, ideas --- any behaviours that arise by the 'zooming in' function of consciousness, were associated with the feminine gender. Whereas the behaviours that involved 'zooming out' allowed the person to act in ignorance to the various sensitivities received by their body--such became the masculine principle. En lieu, the 'zooming out' function disembeds the 'individual' from perceptual reality, whereas zooming in, places the 'individual' at the very epicentre of experience. The first human beings were androgynous in the sense that their mind was free to roam inbetween the polarities underlied by the masculine and feminine. The first human beings were experiencing the state of mind of an arahant...  In a more complicated sense, the first human beings must have been at the highest level afforded by a noetical body; any true 'evolution' is actually a reconnaisance of that ancient level of consciousness.

    At that level of existence however, a being is non-dual and thus cannot fit into labels of 'feminine or masculine': the potentials of both principles arise at later stages. In fact, to be more accurate, at that level of existence, the perceiver communes with the perceived, the two become attuned- the same entity... consciousness, in this paradigm, appears to be like selective entropy, collapsing scrutinized matter into it's most basic state - unity. 

     Anyhow, the splitting of the androgyne occurred and bodies were appointed to the purpose of symbolizing separation & difference: men carried more muscle in order to change matters in the world they identified with while women were powerless to impose their will upon the masculine actors. The two sexes seemed irreconcilable, not just because of genotypic splitting, gender and general psychology, but because the pinnacle of zooming out underlies the individual feels nothing while the pinnacle of zooming in underlies feeling everything. How could one convince the other about any apparent commonality when the two are perceiving reality from such different scopes? 

    The video now, tells the story of how aliens urged human beings to oppress femininity in order to trap us into a never-ending matrix- of never seeing or caring about realities beyond the physical one. Basically, the creation of a strong patriarchic rule was necessary in order to trap people 'here' and create an efficient (and fun to play) farmhouse. Mainly, this could have been achieved by oppressing the 'feminine', since within the feminine lies the possibility of connecting into the higher worlds and this would suppose that strong a strong 'feminine' psyche was sure to learn of 'alien' oppression. As such, chronic efforts in getting women to doubt their 'zooming in' faculties and get men to capitalize on 'zooming out' were had. Before long, psychopathy was the norm and due to the lack of a true spirituality, most people acted out weighing in the data from physical existence and were unconscious as to action potentials arising from higher plane connectivity.  

    Never forgetti spaghetti, you are everybody here.

  • Here's the gist of it: Society has oppressed the feminine due to its capability to connect with the higher planes. The original creator of the human species at first, made androgynous - hermaphrodite people who perceived themselves as equals to the beings in the rest of the Garden of Eden. The Androgynes were named Llilith and Samael, and in order to create the slave race, JVH, Lilith refused to show obedience to Samael as they were equals and so JVH banished her and severed the feminine and masculine natures latent within Samael, and gave him a new name: Adam. Soon enough, Adam felt alone and so, JVH proceeded to create Eve from his rib, his (feminine) side. Therefore, the new genus was: Eve, being an active embodiment of the feminine principles and Adam being of the male(notice I say 'active' and 'inactive' because these natures cannot truly be separated, they are complementary, ying- yang). It seems that the female-active consciousness, Eve, retains a connection with Lilith, who had guided her to eat from the knowledge of good and evil, effectively allowing themselves to become gods. The two trees are Kaballah and the Qliphoth and they represent the feminine principles and the masculine principles inside our mind. In fact, working with Kaballah, a person awakens their 'feminine' hemisphere thereby gaining access to the astral and noetical realms. JVH being aware of the power of the feminine principle, instilled a patriarchical system on earth, where masculinity was rewarded but passivity often lead to suffering. All of which, cascading into the modern situation where people are 'locked' out of their feminine sides and thereby the ability to connect to their astral body - whose controls are within the right hemisphere. If you look closely, being effeminate in so many countries... is punishable by society, often terribly.
  • This is an important video, relating to the subjugation of the feminine psyche through 'Genesis' and it's reconciliation through myth. I consider it very important for people who want to look beyond the systems of control.
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