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Welcome to our project website, The Superbeings. There are many powerful tools and systems around here to get going with, but this is the most important thing you can be doing right now:


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Jakub Faist commented on Jason Davis's article Skinheads
"Thats a fun story,high vibe energy tends to make people sleepy because its difficult to process if they are not clear enough,also its just easier to absorb and digest if the little self is left out of the equation, so the sleeping, although it may have appeared like a joke, is very much an intentional move by the handlers.I have passed out myself on occassions when channeling, usually its just a deep trance, but there were times when it just knocked me out and even though I was talking to…"
Mike Mittenberg posted a status
I tried to post a pic 4 times and zip!
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Marie commented on Jason Davis's article Cusswords Energetic Cleansing
"Jason, I recently had a shaman journey on my behalf for some clearing work. Then I found your website. I have been reading almost everything I can find on here. I've been using the ormus and alchemies. I still feel a lot of blockages but I am new into the process.. 3 weeks at the max. I've been unlearning things for years. Strict religious upbringing with psychological abuse and a marriage and divorce that almost broke me to pieces. I want to improve on every level possible. I wasn't ready when…"
Pat Toohey commented on Jason Davis's article Skinheads
"I read those books from Hawkins years ago, some of them several times. I particularly liked The Eye of the I. I decided that I wanted to meet him, which I did. In order to do this, I had to physically travel to Sedonna to hear him speak. What I found interesting about that experience was that as soon as everyone settled down to listen to the man speak about half of them simply fell asleep. Here were a a diverse group of people, some of whom had travelled long distances and paid thier money to…"
Artem simonyan posted a status
Just came from the white temple I feel great.
Erik Morén replied to Jason Davis's discussion STRONG SUGGESTIONS FOR RIGHT NOW
"Yes I'm ready to move forword"


We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below. In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group…

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