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If you'd really like to know what this (meaning Earth) is, what it's always been, and what might cease to be as we know it, the best way to find that out is at the below videos. If they ring true for you, you might want to check out more of them on that same channel, as they are a wealth of eye-opening explanatory material. If you have any questions or comments about any of it, please post them in this discussion

vis altera platea progredi

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Just because it's bad doesn't mean it isn't good.
7 hours ago
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My Merlin Stone arrived the other day! I love It!!! Jason mentions somewhere that Its coming into being is co-facilitated by the Higher Self of the future owner and tuning into it this is very clear. It is like a direct link to my Higher Self energetically!
I wanted to share an incredible synchronicity of Its arrival. I've recently moved back to Scotland for what I am calling "my life - version 3.0". It's a big thing for me! I reached the day where I felt that I was ready to engage and I walked…
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"This would be so nice... to become aware of our inocense through innate... our original state of being
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May 26
Paisios Papapavlou replied to Paisios Papapavlou's discussion Bad blood
"I rewrote my text in an effort to make it an easier reading experience.
There has to be an answer that is more metaphysical in origin that could explain your question. Perhaps overlooking towards the noetical dimension which i'm not sure if its clearly mentioned  for what it is in Rudolf's writting- it's probably juxtaposed to system 3.
In the dimensions of being, whomever you ever speak to, you collide and unite primarily with the idea of the other person and then the joint ideas are borne out…"
May 25

Bad blood

It is posited by Rudolph Steiner that blood is the fluid that creates the 'I' idea. In Left Hand Practice, many deities would want a blood pact in order to influence your selfhood- signing contract w/the devil. Endogamy practised by royals was not a…

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