Negative Polarity Societal Structuring

This one has been steeping in my mind. How does a negative polarity society function? I've been watching the "Galactic Messages" videos on Gaia as well as more from the Cosmic Agency channel on YouTube, and I haven't come across any information on how these societies function.

Yes, there is a voice in the back of my head yelling, "Look around you!" That is an easy answer but there appears to be much more to it. There have been wars as well as peace. The "good guys" have imprisoned the "bad guys" in a world that was already occupied and then just walked away from it. We can use terms like "selflessnes" and "selfishness" and still come out confused - maybe even more so than before.

When I think of the term "evil", five words come to mind: manipulation, control, domination, subservience, and destruction. I cannot imagine an entire society built upon this and I don't think that this is what the negative polarity beings are all about. That seems to be more of a lense that we look through as humans in our current social context.

So, the question for the current "Now" is this: what really makes them negative polarity? And, what do they value? Does anyone have insight on this? Also, if I am like one video away from this I'm going to have a good laugh at that one.

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  • Everyone thinks they're a body, they feel nothing of their brethren because bodies are separate . Everything is based on logic. Such as ancient Greek cities. Spartans were all psychopaths who gave no room to emotion, they based their society on logic, because that's all a psychopath has. A big de-personalization experience goes on when a person faces enough pressures and that's when people become their 'name'-their label-they let the ego take full control, promising that they will not be hurt again.

    When I say 'one identifies as their body', I mean that everything is reinterpretted through the body. This is why many alien races are into genetic editing and whatnot, they want good and strong bodies who are even able to see metaphysically, but they simply interpret the universe as being separate from them and they say they are not in its mercy because they depend on ownself to change accordingly to the fluctuations.

    I say this twice, everything passes through the ego, everything is under its control and is reinterpretted through its eyes of separation. This is the opposite of the eyes of a sage.

    Good and evil do not exist, it's all neutral, these predispositions to define something as such come about through own biases and personal histories; good and evil exist only in your mind, as part of your own perspective.

    I've met demons who simply floated to my head and i could see their thoughts, their ideas were all visceral, blood and gore, contorted bloody bodies with teeth and hair, eyes sewn open. I asked why they were thinking these things and they told me this is their natural state. Yet they could function, they could hold a conversation, they belonged with other demons, they could have fun. 

    Society is based on same-mindedness, homogeneity, it is only if you are somehow different that you shall be segregated. Psychopaths segregate everyone and everything as the world of forms is unique, saints segregate everyone and everything, for they see unchangingly. 

     There's as many left-hand path workings as there are right-hand path workings. In fact, people of the LHP have easier access to good quality information.

    I was exposed to the darkness of full psychopathy and it is indeed an alternative to the one im walking right now. I remember a deep fascination with domination and getting what I wanted, I adored chaos because life made me be well-equipped for it. Alas, more psychopaths is not what this planet needs. I have felt the cries of the world in my bones, they wanted to be shattered ; people do not like pain and both psychopaths and a saints provide the answers to an end. But them, the saints, often give terrible advice, they are themselves full of ego. Saints will try to talk to people who are unconsolable, people who have deeply despised words, saints, unless cultivated well, cannot help those who are truly in need. They can merely teach by example, but when asked as to why they believe something, they draw blanks...

    This planet needs people who give answers to suffering, this planet needs truly wise men and women. As well as psychopaths who will expose to the people, the darkness that they hide themselves in.

    To be a psychopath, you must feel truly abandoned, by everything and everyone, spat upon, beaten... you must cease caring about your own self - believing the words and actions of other deeply hurt tough people.

    To be a saint, you must accept the world as your self. If you love the world as yourself, you will not change anything and experience perfection but first you have to learn to love. But an overactive mind, will come to give you convincing reasons for not loving, which is why wisdom is on high demand because wisdom defuses the ego within every being.

    I should say now that love is a complex thing:

    love however the other person wants to be loved not the way you want to love them.

    The other person will show you how they want to be loved but you have to very cunning in discerning their needs because they oftentimes cannot state them. So you need be a fine intuitive empath and this cannot come about by accepting the physical reality as the ultimate reality. This is a bit more nuanced but this explanation suffices for now.


    • The demon story reminds me of high school. My own path in the demon world was mostly destructive. I only used manipulation as an escape plan. It was an easy path out as it is hard work to be evil but the exception being finding out who I was at that point - I just didn't have a clue. What you have said is helping me to create a clearer picture of their world.

      In case anyone was wondering what my motivation for this line of discussion was, I just want to understand that part of me better - even if it makes my eyes well up a little.


      • Demons don't exist unless you carry demonic qualities yourself, they're all projections of your own self outwardly. You see them as demons because you've made abject your own self. Until you accept and surrender to the expression of all of your qualities per circumstance, you won't realise that the world of bodies is completely outside of Spirit. You can see the world as faultless and sinless if you can accept that the bodies are not really 'people'.

        There is no dark for a mind that is forever brightly translucent. Circumstances bring things forward and you have to be flexible enough to play your role, whatever the role is, you shall find right there and then and what does it matter? You're comfortable with everything happening anyway


  • I suppose it's like watching a scary movie or going on a carnival ride. We choose whether to go and how long to stay.

    I've started watching the Swaruu Oficial channel, and she's touched on this during the matrix videos. It's just a game they've created because they know people love thrillers and doomsday entertainment.

    Do people get caught up in that and ruin their lives? Absolutely. Eventually, people stop buying into it because they run out of energy in some form. It's like one big long acid trip. When it's over, you realize nothing was real and all the things that were promised never came, but we're still here, just on our own, and now fully stocked on rice and beans.

    Call it 6D and beyond, or whatever, there is much more outside the perspective of duality.

    I don't know if you've found the Swaruu forums yet, but it seems like they generally discuss these things at length as well. They have separate posts about many of the videos for further discussion, if there's one in particular you wanted to look into.

    This one is somewhat related to your topic:

    If there is a negative polarity society, that only exists on certain densities, and you're already living outside of that. We'll have feet in both worlds as long as they exist, but the lower densities become more clown-like and pesky than anything to fear.

    Service To Others (STO) vs Service To Self (STS)? / English Forum / Taygetan and "Swaruunian" Team…
    • I understand stocking up on rice and beans but who could have predicted the toilet paper hoarding? I would've thought water would be more important.

      Also, those Taygetan teenagers seem to have the minds of the thousands of years they can remember but still have that same youthful exuberance and silliness that our teenagers have. What with Yazhi secretly planting bombs and traps in the Minecraft version of their ship or Mina wanting to have her own YouTube channel. I see much hope for us Terrans.

      Thanks for the links, Adam. I haven't looked at that forum yet.

    • I just came back from the link. It was a good reminder of how much people like to bicker. I'll stick with this group. Haha! Still, I saw some great insights beyond that.

      • I used to think that demons did not exist.  The past three years have convinced me that anything is possible.  At a higher level of perceiving, the current democide unfolding before our eyes is a form of ritualistic offering to beings who trive on emotions that drain  and deplete instead of gerenative and restorative ones.  I was listening to a podcast in which a  scientist shared that scientists who work at CERN  slpipped concerning projects being done at CERN.  Physicists have built portals that enable creatures that we would call demons to travel to our dimension.  I suppose their appearnace and their intention justify the name.  Then again we live in a world of duality that also shapes our perception of evil and demonic creatures.  Either way, I would not want to have coffee or tea with such a creature.  And btw -  there must be something to the idea of evil if we are cautionned not to play with a wiggee board.

  • I came full circle on this one. In the book A Course in Miracles, I was reminded of the belief that if you are trying to understand that which attacks, you are, essentially, trying to appreciate it and love it. The problem is that this is impossible for that which is not from love. I was trying to understand how a negative polarity society functions when it never has and never will. It is just a movie as Jason might say.

    In short, my new take on this has become, "It doesn't matter." My thinking had gotten out of alignment because my ego had found a new hiding place in disconnection. I had come to believe that since the negative thoughts weren't mine, they didn't need to be considered. So, I stopped paying attention to them and then they started to drift - not in a positive way, of course. Once I realized this, I was eventually able to reconnect with my thoughts.

    The moral of this story for me is that the ego is very real, very clever, and very insane - the latter of which I had become also. There is no world to fix and we still try to. There is no "me" to fix - only to remember what "i" am; not what I am told I am coming from without or within. This just popped in my head: there is no "try" only "let". (sorry Yoda) Not sure if that one will hold water, but if I don't write these things down I will most certainly lose them.

    I would like to leave this discussion open to dissection now or just let it die of natural causes. I got a little out of alignment with my thoughts and started looking at things that not only do not matter but are not real. I have a role to play but discretion leaves me wanting to keep distraction to a minimum from now on. Paisios, if I get off track again feel free to post it publicly! (seriously) Love to all but the ego who doesn't want it anyway!

    • One of the hardest things I've had to wrap my head around, during this process, is how everything we've been taught to believe about our lives becomes less real.

      It's a strange simplification of reality, as all the complex and confusing things start vanishing into thin air.

      You are being polished and finding out what's underneath the surface.

      While you're not doing anything, you just get thrown into it like all of us and have to express yourself.

      Remembering who you are and where you're at spiritually is a powerful revelation.

      You can go from feeling like a worn out middle-aged human, getting tossed around by the matrix, to a billion-year-old God from Sirius here to save humanity.

      Whichever way you look at it, you've been animated and always will be to do everything that you do. Becoming that which animates, or even just a good or bad guy, is only a matter of perspective.

      We become what we make ourselves, and this society throws everything on us to pick and choose from, so we can see what works.

    • "I was trying to understand how a negative polarity society functions when it never has and never will."

      You will be proven wrong on this because they did function historically, logicality is preserved despite it's arguments being built on wrong suppositions.

      You cannot understand them because to understand egoism, you have to be an egoist yourself and you cannot have your Spirit as your master and your Ego simultaneously; they are mutually exclusive. Hurt individuals operate in complete projection of their inner world outside, this is the only thing you need understand because it applies to your own traumatised parts.

      Traumatised people understand traumatised people and they hurt each other over and over, if you are to help someone you have to come from the opposite polarity and be apt enough to not be hurt by their words, because their ego will chase you away - not their own Self - their ego. Yet in all this, they are sinless, it's just the narrative of the universe to have this happen to you because you willed it. Reject not the cause of creation - you made these events occur to you, not a single stone is out of place. 

      " There is no world to fix and we still try to"

      Ask someone to slap you and then talk to me about the reality of this world. You are here in a body, you just have to release yourself from the body's own biases created from your personal history. You will forever be seeing a world, just from different eyes, although the forms are different, everything here runs concurrently with a deeper truth, that you have made it happen, that you are outside this world and this body that spins along with this world. You just have to truth yourself not the body-ego.

      You have 'something' to fix, everything that makes you think that your Spirit does not exist, does not help you or that you are not your brother or that what you have done is a sin. It's all inside your Mind and you are outside of your Mind! It's all just events that happen on their own with you as the primary cause, let them cook - they cannot offend you.

      The body seeks to unite with bodies and thinks only of the earth for this is its reality but you are not it. Align your soul to your Spirit and the body will follow. It is this relationship that needs faith and rapport.


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