If you're going to begin cleansing yourself of the accumulations of your own thoughts and attendant emotional expressions, cusswords are one heck (sorry) of a good place to start.

There is embedded energy to the words because they have been used with such emotional force on trillions of occasions, and therefore an associated energy attaches to the word-symbols. Of course the word sound, which is a vibe, adds to its power, and naturally all of it flows into the shared consciousness grid, making foul-mouths, ourselves included, responsible for dragging humanity down with us.

So the long and short of it is that we had to initiate an energetic cleansing, almost like a protocol, that had to go amazingly deep considering the cusswords were mostly a local and recent density hung up in various fields. The device used triggers the work and it takes two to three days to complete depending upon just how foul-mouthed you are. Then it was capped off with something else entirely, which I can do for you when you’re ready for it.

After doing all that, I was definitely lighter and freer, and so were the other folks for whom I initiated the energy work.

I write all this because after bringing it up in the Solstice Initiations document I received more than one note saying that this seemed more snooty self-righteousness than anything else, and I can certainly relate to that opinion. But it does have its mathematical proofs, and there are non-terran/non-physical people, my own higher mind included, who might say, “If you’re going to solidify a Path to Mastery in this continuum, you better than anybody know it’s about thought. If you can’t eliminate from your life THOSE energetic forms, you’re not even at square one.”

That was the message from them, in actuality, and I had no argument against them.

If you've had a "mouth like a sailor," as it were, as we all know, old habits die hard. If you either think the words or say them (or scream them!), just immediately take it up in white flames. We all still use that tool daily. That mindfulness can get you a long ways. 

So, I’ve purposed a powerful device we've used for other things and which is charged with the necessary instruction set and energy to start the work in you. Then just shoot me a note when you’re ready for the finishing POW!

Here’s the device. To use it, just get quiet, open and receptive. When ready, think "I accept" and the energy will begin its flow.


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